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Yazawa Cotarou
Cotarou Infobox ID
Kanji 矢澤 虎太郎
Romaji Yazawa Cotarou
Gender Male
First Appearance
Debut Season 2 Episode 4
Japanese Voice Actress/Actor
Kanji 徳井 青空
Romaji Tokui Sora
English Voice Actress/Actor
Name Julie Ann Taylor

Yazawa Cotarou is one of Yazawa Nico's siblings. Cotarou is voiced by Tokui Sora.


In Season 2 Episode 4, it was revealed that Nico had three siblings, Cocoro, Cocoa and Cotarou. Like his siblings, Cotarou believed his older sister was the star of μ's.


Cotarou is the youngest among the Yazawa siblings. He's often seen with snot coming out of his nose and is also often seen holding a toy hammer.


Ep. Title
04 "No. 1 Idol in the Universe"
(宇宙No.1アイドル "Uchuu Nanbā 1 Aidoru")
S2Ep04 00183
In Episode 4, the other members of μ's learned that Nico had two younger sisters and one younger brother, Cotarou, and told her siblings that she was the center of µ's whilst the others were her backup dancers.

On the way home, Toujou Nozomi tells the others that Nico was telling her siblings all that even after she failed to become a super idol in her first year because she didn't want their vision of her to be destroyed. After hearing this, the girls arrange for Nico to give a special performance for her siblings, claiming it to be her last performance as a 'solo idol' before joining her fellow idols as equals in μ's.

09 "Melody of the Heart"
(心のメロディ "Kokoro no Merodi")
68 S2Ep09
In Episode 9, the day of the final preliminaries arrives. At Nico's house, Cotarou suddenly opened the door, surprising Nico, before saying that he completed something. Cotarou showed them his µ's snow art. Nico thanked Cotarou and told her siblings that she'll sing her heart out as center, after all, everyone in µ's is the center.
13 "Come True! Everyone's Dream"
(叶え!みんなの夢―― "Kanae! Minna no Yume")
24 S2Ep13
In Episode 13, Cotarou, along with his mother and siblings, met Kousaka Honoka, Hoshizora Rin, Nishikino Maki, and Koizumi Hanayo at the school gates and attended Nico's graduation ceremony.


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