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Watanabe You
Sunshine!! infobox - Watanabe You
Kanji 渡辺曜
Romaji Watanabe You
Year Second Year
Birthday April 17 (Aries)
Gender Female
Blood Type AB
Height 157 cm
Three Sizes B 82, W 57, H 81
Favorite Food Salisbury steak
Disliked Food Sashimi
Anything too dry[1]
First Appearance
Debut Season 1 Episode 1
Japanese Voice Actress/Actor
Kanji 斉藤朱夏
Romaji Saitou Shuka
English Voice Actress/Actor
Name Apphia Yu

Watanabe You is one of the nine main characters of Love Live! Sunshine!!. She is a second year in Uranohoshi Girls' High School. Her image color is blue. She is a member of CYaRon!, a sub-unit under Aqours.


She is a second-year and a classmate of Chika. She is in class 1 and is student number 28. Her father captains a ferry, and she would like to have his job someday.


You is an energetic, positive girl with attitude for outlooks; focusing on her goals. She tends to take action without thinking about matters over at it first, and usually says "Yousoro!"[2] (often localized as Aye Aye!) as her catchphrase.

Clubs and Hobbies

Due to her upbringing, her daily routine includes weight training and running. One of her talents is high diving, and she is good enough at it to qualify for the national team. Her other talent is intuitively forecasting the weather. She loves the uniforms of uniformed occupations,[1] which is why she is also Aqours' wardrobe supervisor, alongside Kurosawa Ruby.

Other Data

Note: Dengeki G's Magazine is a monthly magazine that is part of the Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!! multimedia projects. As it is usually the first source of news for all major projects under these titles, its monthly sections will detail how the project has progressed over time. The issues are usually published a month ahead of time. For example, the July 2010 issue would've been released on 30th May 2010.
Official Introduction from Website[3]
Sunshine!! character intro - Watanabe You

"Uranohoshi Girls' School Year 2 Class 1, Student No. 28, Watanabe You! My special abilities are high-dives and predicting the weather! My unique talent is a high-dive with a 3.5-round somersault!! That is all!!!... Ugh, it feels like I've nothing more to say--- What should I do, being an idol might not suit me after all. Ehh, my daily routines are muscle training and running, and I would like to follow in my respected father's footsteps and become a ferry captain in the future! Hmm, I wonder if that's enough? An idol's self-introduction... this felt nothing like that, but oh well, whatever!
"I noticed that I liked singing and dancing by accident when I tried it out for fun, and team-play is also enjoyable♪ And so Watanabe You, will now set sail for Love Live! Take off!! Salute!!!"

Official Translation[4]

Sunshine!! translated character intro - Watanabe You
Character Introduction (August 2015)[1]
Dengeki G's Magazine Aug 2015 Watanabe You Scan

Character Introduction

I'm a second year in Uranohoshi Girls' High School, Watanabe You, sixteen years old.
My talent is high diving, I've been doing it since childhood.
Because this is a seaside village, the places where you can swim in are everywhere you look, so swimming is everyone's strong point but--- something like high diving is a bit different so it's my sole pride, I think?
When I was small, I would go high diving every day from places like the large rock over at the rocky area, or from the embankment. Everyone used to rush to enter the ocean to play but--- after entering middle school, everyone no longer swims that much anymore, right?
But no matter what, in the end, I love the sea--- Even now I still swim at the school's pool every day. I guess this is due to my father's influence, huh?
My father is the captain of a liner that operates out of this Izu peninsula. When I was small, he often allowed me to ride along on his ship.
Being aboard a ferry running along the seas, taking a deep breath is always refreshing--- Stepping out onto the deck of the ferry that splits the wind, I love how it almost feels as if the world is in my hands.
A scenery of only blue seas and white skies that stretches endlessly. No matter how many times I ride the ferry, I love it so much that my heart races--- No matter when, driven by the good mood, I kind of feel like I want to do a high dive into the sea!
"Splash!" Something like that.
High diving from the tall deck of a high-speed liner, dancing in the air before a splash. That immediate transition from the warm air atop the deck to being wrapped by the water--- That cooling is the most amazing feeling!
Fufu, such an athletic person like myself--- Can I really become an idol?
If I ever really become a school idol and stand on a stage someday, at that time I'll--- probably stand on the deck of a large ship, and shout out "Yousoro!" like a ship captain♡
But for now, just leave the mood to me to dive right into the heart of things.
Even this sea of idols--- I'll try jumping in with all my might!
And so--- I'll aim for that sparkling star of idols within the high seas and charge full speed ahead! Yousoro!!

Typical off-day schedule
Time Activity
7:00am: Wake up, jogging, and muscle training.
8:00am: Breakfast
9:00am: At the pool
12:00pm: Lunch (Having my bento at school!)
1:00pm: At the pool
3:00pm: Everyone comes to play during snack-break time!
4:00pm: End of swimming
5:00pm: Snack at the aquarium's cafe
6:00pm: Go home. Take a bath.
7:00pm: Dinner
8:00pm: Fall asleep
Uranohoshi Splash! !: Tons of Happenings!? (October 2015)[5]
Dengeki G's Magazine Oct 2015 Chika You

Watanabe You's Case

C, c-c-c--- caught something~! That's great, with this, I can finally return--- Phew. Jeez, when everyone gathered today, they just passed fishing equipment to me out of nowhere. I was thinking just what kind of school idol activity we were doing, but fishing!? It was extremely surprising but--- Chika-chan said, we need to create an episode that conveys our everyday lives here in Uchiura... Somehow, with just that, the mood changed entirely but--- Well, whatever. Caught a horse mackerel♡ Alright, now that it has come to this, it's been a while since I've fished, but I'll do this as a present for the readers--- Ahh, in the end, something just feels extremely off about all this. Is this really fine, a fishing idol? Have I been deceived...

Aqours After School Talk - You[6]
Dengeki G's Aqours Afterschool Talk You

Caption: At long last, the voyage as idols is starting from here on out!♪ Everyone, Yousoro!!

Tada♪ How is it?
Uranohoshi Girls' High School Year 2, Watanabe You!
This is my--- School Idol Version♪
Somehow, this strangely feels uneasy, while this costume feels even more embarrassing than the swimsuits I'm usually in, it's also a strange feeling. Ehehe♪
"The You who's perfectly fine with always wearing those revealing swimsuits has no right to say that," Everyone gave me that sort of retort but--- But, you know?
Swimwear for competition-use are, how to put it--- Something just like uniforms. But, something like this is just...
Somehow it's overly-cute, it feels like You-chan became someone else without realizing it☆
It feels like I might say that I've become more introspective without knowing it.
Everyone, please always, always keep watching Aqours from here on out~♡♡♡
Just kidding♡♪

Aqours DIARY: Everyone's Diary (November 2015)[7]
Dengeki G's Magazine Nov 2015 Mari Kanan You

Full speed ahead!! Starboard, full turn to the right! Yousoro♡
Ehehe, this is something I've always dreamed of since my childhood--- being the captain of a large ship.
What do you think, does it suit me?
My dream has come true, and I finally became the captain of a high-speed ferry~!!
Well, of course, that's just a joke! Ehehe♡
Today's the harbor's Event Day, and there was a booth that allowed the public to experience wearing uniforms so I came to play! How do I look? Great?
Yes♪ The truth is, I thought that Aqours' costume would also be great if they were made along these lines but--- as expected, everyone would oppose that, huh?
With a large regulation cap, my coolness factor went up about 20 percent♪ Feels like my dance moves will be sharp!

Aqours 1st Center Election

Appealing For Votes[7]
Caption: Always looking straight ahead, and only advancing forward!

Eeeh~ Being the center, that's impossible impossible impos~sible~!!! I mean, if I was in the middle of everyone--- and I do something like mess up the choreography, it would be terribly conspicuous, and that would be troubling... Although sports was always my talent and I love moving my body about, whenever I dance, I just enjoy myself and let my mind go blank--- So occasionally, I impulsively come up with my own original dance moves--- Tehehe! But if I become the center, then I could dance to my fullest without worrying about the spacing, perhaps that would be fun too? Fun things are always welcome! Yousoro♪

Results Comments: 1st Place[8]
Caption: Everyone, thank you for voting for me!! I'll set off aiming for the center position I always longed for♪ Yousoro!!

Uwah~, what do I do what do I do what do I do!! To think that I would be number one, I'm so excited that my heart is beating wildly--- it might just explode! Am I really somehow fit to be the center? Now that it has come to this, I might still make some sort of blunder against all odds in the middle as the center position, so I might need everyone to watch over me! Ehehe♡ But even so, to everyone who supported me this round, thank you so much~!! Really, as expected, I'm extreeemely--- happy♡ In order to have everyone be able to say, "I'm glad I picked her to be center", I'll do whatever it takes from here onwards!

Aqours's Gallery (April 2016)[9]
Dengeki G's Magazine Apr 2016 You

Caption: A Cinderella that has landed in Uchiura's fishing port, she will do her best and aim straight ahead to the end of the earth!

Full speed ahead! Yousoro!!
Today we all came to support our local event~♪
It's work that's uniquely ours as local school idols, isn't it fun!
We got some dried horse mackerel as a thank-you gift♡
Just like this, we're gaining a lot of attention even though it's bit by bit, and there are increasingly more people interested in Aqours--- receiving everyone's support really makes me happy!
This village we live in, is in the countryside---
In the beginning, see, no matter where we went it was always "The girls at Ura Girls are doing something", it really felt like they were just writing us off as another simple club activity.
But then, Chika-chan led us all in our activities--- Lately, there are gradually more people supporting us with lines like "Fly out and make your mark in the world!"--- Ah, we- well, the people who say that make up about half of them--- Actually thinking about it, I'm pretty sure the whole thing is just a joke though.
Ah, ahahahaha--- ♡
But it's fine☆
Even though that's what it's like recently.
From this fishing port in Uchiura--- we want to reach out to everyone.
The fact that--- we are here.
The fact that we're working really hard together.
Even though someday, this place will turn into an empty, abolished school.
The fact that we, Aqours, were here--- Always, always.
I want you to always remember that♡

Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM
Dengeki G's Magazine Apr 2016 KoiAqua You

Costume Reveal[9]
Caption: I want to dive into the sparkling sea with you♡

Having someone like me as the center, it's something I still can't believe. No matter how you put it, maybe it's better if I quit while I'm ahead--- I'm still thinking stuff like that♡ But--- Ehehe☆ After seeing such a cute costume, there's no way I can say I have no confidence in being the center! How is it? Does it suit me? Even I find it suiting me surprisingly well, somehow--- hopefully it's not just my imagination or an optical illusion, ehehe☆ If I were to sing and dance in this costume, I would be almost like a mermaid princess♡ This is the first time I've discovered that even I have a bit of a maiden's heart♪ I would be devoted to my prince! Yousoro♡

Dengeki G's Magazine May 2016 You Riko Ruby

Purchase Bonus Art[10]
Caption: Even if you tell me about love, it's all just--- But, at any rate, let's just sing together!

Everyone says this about me, that I'm a late bloomer who never had her first love, and even if you talk about love with me, I wouldn't understand anything at all---♪ Ah, but about that, rather than a late bloomer, Dia-chan often refers to me as an insensitive person--- Ehehe☆ But uhm, if you're okay with me being like this--- Won't you study love with me, and try singing this song together?

Aqours Big Reveal: Member Introductions (Q&A) (June 2016)[11]
Dengeki G's Magazine June 2016 Q&A Chika Riko You

Caption: Let's all become school idols together~!!

What is the charm of being a school idol?
Even with such a rough personality, an athletic person like me could do it, so I think being a school idol is really something anyone has a shot at becoming so long as they work hard~!! That's why, that's probably the most amazing thing about it♪ Though I had thought that idols were an extremely distant existence, it's just as Chika-chan said: We can do it if we try, and it's fun--- It's bound to be enjoyable! ♡

What are the good points about Uranohoshi Girls' High School?
The number one thing I can think of is--- the pool where one can see the sea!! It's amazingly great that one can really feel the sea even though it's the pool♪ It's outdoors so it can only be used during summer, but it would be great if we could someday hold a swimsuits-only Summer Live at the Ura Girls' pool. And once it gets heated up, people could just dive in with a splash! Yousoro~♪

Aqours DIARY: Everyone's Diary (August 2016)[12]
Dengeki G's Mag Aug 2016 You

Caption: Huh? Somehow, it feels like it has gotten tighter...

Somehow--- If I do this, it feels quite tight.
Am I imagining it?
No--- Or maybe it's shrunk?
Even my swimsuit--- I feel like it's shrunk a bit.
Well, I'll just keep it in mind for now!
Maybe I should finally buy a new swimsuit this year~
Swimsuits are quite pricey after all.
There's no way I can have a swimsuit double as one of Aqours' costumes, too.
But if I leave it like this, something is bound to stick out---.
It's my growth spurt--- Though it's not really the best situation for me to be saying that♡

Aqours DIARY: Everyone's Diary (November 2016)[13]
Dengeki G's Mag Nov 2016 You

Caption: Heave-ho, heave-ho! Autumn's festivals are where You makes her debut♪

Autumn is the season of festivals!
But when it comes to festivals there's all sorts, like the school's cultural festival, or the children association's festival, or the shopping mall's festival---.
But no matter how you look at it, when it comes to a festival that's held across Japan simultaneously---.
It's gotta be this♡
The shrine's annual autumn festival~!!
Autumn is the season for giving thanks to the gods for that year's harvest, after all.

I've loved festivals ever since I was still a small kid!
Starting early in the morning, don-don-don--- once I hear the distant sound of taiko drums and faint traces of festival music--- Jeez, I'm the type who gets pumped up from that and can't sit still any longer.
In Aqours, there are only about two people with this personality, and they are---.
Of course, it's me, and--- Chika-chan~♡

Up until middle school we were always responsible for hoisting the children's portable shrine together, so we would eat yakisoba and tonjiru at the food stands in the afternoon--- and go play at the festival.
The old ladies would dance the Bon Festival dance a lot in their yukatas, and even though the summer festival's fireworks are great too--- When the portable shrine makes its entrance, that's when it really feels like a festival and gets hyped up!!

Heave-ho, heave-ho!

While hearing everyone's loud voices echoing and feeling the weight of the portable shrine---.
It feels almost as though I've become one of the rowers on a large boat.
From here on, let's all put our strength together, and set sail to the gods' boat♪
Watch out ahead, yousoro!
Let's make this fun autumn day as hyped up as we can!♡

Aqours's Gallery (January 2017)[14]
Dengeki G's Mag Jan 2017 You Mari Hanamaru

Caption: The holy day with just us girls--- is about enjoying ourselves thoroughly at the Christmas party♪

This year, I'll enjoy myself with all I have at Christmas with the members of Aqours!

This is something I thought about--- but even though we live in the countryside like this, there are surprisingly quite a few members of Aqours who like festivals--- right? Ahaha♡
You see--- During our winter vacation, we have plans to hold a Christmas party in Mari's room during Christmas itself, we've been arranged to appear as entertainment for the Children's Society's Christmas event the Sunday just before that, yesterday our student council president Dia-chan just told us the nursery has also requested for us, and then after that--- Chika-chan has also been insisting on doing a Aqours Christmas mini-live---.
And this is a bonus event.
Today we're enjoying a voluntary Christmas party in the school♡
Jeez really, just how many times are we going to have Christmas parties, right?
But--- well.
Since it's fun, it's alright♡

Oh yeah, since it's become like this--- maybe I should plan one more too?
And its name, will be a party that dives into Christmas!!
Making good use of my special talent high-diving--- I'll have everyone gathered do high-dives into the pool one after the other♪
It feels great, you know~ Diving after shouting out loud, that momentum-filled moment will definitely help everyone to dispel all the melancholic things that took place over the past year--- Oh, wait.
Maybe this isn't really a plan for a Christmas party, but rather more suited for a year end party?
Yes, that's good too♡
Once this dance party is over, I have to start making plans with everyone for our year-end party!!
Everyone definitely has to come, okay?
Just like this, I hope next year will be filled with lots of fun things for Aqours too--- Yousoro♡

Aqours's Gallery (February 2017)[15]
Dengeki G's Mag Feb 2017 You

Caption: Uwaah--- Amazing amazing amazing!! It's a catch big enough to make me want to raise my flag~♪ Hooray! Full speed ahead, yousoro~!

Uwaah~ Amazing amazing amazing~!!
It's come this year too~ New Year's money♡♡♡

I'll say it plainly--- In the entire year, this is the day I look forward to the most♪
I mean--- Even though Kanan-chan and Dia-chan get mad at me often over this...
I'm not the type who plans ahead at all--- So the allowance I get every month, I've never seen it♡
Ah, maybe putting it that way was a bit of an exaggeration.
When I say I've never seen it, that's just my impression--- To put it accurately, I spend it all so quickly it's like there's no time to even think I've seen it---
Ah, ahahahaha♪
This is just like the typical behavior of a hopeless elementary school kid huh--- sigh.

But you see, every day I do endurance runs to train up my stamina for both high-diving practice and Aqours practice--- the mikans I get occasionally from the woman on the mikan mountain out of good will are totally not enough--- I have to buy something to fill my stomach~!!
Like the fried stuff and meat buns at the convenience store.
The confectionery's owner is my bosom friend, and I'm sure I've made hefty contributions to the poolside vending machine selling Calorie Mate--- For a person like me, there's only one time like this in each year!!
A day where I can gather money into my hands!!!
Tada, and that is the New Year♡♡♡
Uwaah--- What should I go buy?
The game I always wanted? Or should it be the panda muffler I saw and wanted the other day? I also want to change my hole-ridden backpack, and eat some cake!
Aah, it's really troubling♡
But, what I really want is already decided♪
And that is, a lucky bag---!!!
A lucky bag that I'll buy with all the fortune I have for this year!
If there are lots of high-value items inside, it'll be my victory♪
I always buy them until I almost cross my budget--- So in the end my New Year's money disappears entirely into them.
But well, last year I managed to get the pack I really liked so I suppose it's alright♡
Ah before that, should I go to a buffet--- Aah, I wonder if my New Year's money will last me♪♪

Dengeki G's Mag Mar 2017 HAPPY PARTY TRAIN Bonus Art 2

Travel Comments[16]

Ever since I was small, I’ve aspired towards becoming a ship captain. So when it comes to where I want to go, it’ll definitely be on an adventure~♡ I’d pack a sleeping bag on a huge rucksack - I hope I can experience various things on the way! I’ll dive into the seas of the world and take a splash♪

Places I would like to travel to: Pacific Ocean, Antarctic Ocean and Patagonia!

Aqours DIARY: Everyone's Diary (May 2017)[17]
Dengeki G's Magazine May 2017 You

Caption: Congratulations~~!!

If this thrust is good enough and sudden--

Aqours's new songs will also be a hit ♪

Question & Answer Corner
Between Kanan and You, who swims faster!?[1]

Asked by 彩狐さん @Twitter

To say this myself is a little--- Ehehe♪ Well, I guess it should be You-chan, right~? A, ahahahaha♪ You see, the truth is that no matter how you look at it, You-chan is a member of the athletes selected for training to join the national high-diving team~! Surprising, right? Kanan-chan is a diver so her endurance is amazing, but if it comes to bursts of speed, it'll be You's victory~!

You love occupational uniforms, but which type of uniform is your favorite?[1]
Asked by 紫鮫さん @Twitter

My favorite is, of course, the sailor uniform~! The rank insignia and caps are cool too♡ In the past, I often used to wear my father's cap and pretend I was a ship captain. I think it's definitely something that won't change for me, the sailor uniform is something I've been longing for all my life. And then, the Maritime Self-Defense Force and Coast Guard are cool too♪ I guess my favorite uniforms are just those of marine occupations♡

When picking swimsuits, which do you value more, form or function?[18]
Asked by ポイントB さん @Twitter

Of course, it's function! In the first place, have I ever considered anything other than function--- Nope, not at all! It's totally fine not to consider it!! After all, when it comes to swimsuits for competitive swimming, everyone looks more or less the same~ (lol). That's why no matter what else one can say about it, a swimsuit that perfectly fits the body and is easy to move in is the best♪ I'll continue using my favorite brand all the way!

It seems that you eat snacks when taking breaks at the pool, but what snacks do you like to eat?[12]
Asked by かもめさん @Twitter

For some reason, it's Calorie Mate~! Ehehe☆ Yousoro♡ The competitive-swimming pool I visit outside of school has, for some reason, had a Calorie Mate vending machine by the poolside since ages ago♪ That's why I've bought it since childhood, and it's become a sort of habit---. It's quite dry, so a sports drink is necessary too!

How did you and Chika-chan used to play in the past?[19]
Asked by どんちゃんさん

Games like Dodgeball, Tag, and Prisoner's Base! In the end we're the physically energetic type huh--- ehehe♪ And then of course, we would often go playing with everyone in the sea during summer. Things like prawning and diving! We would often eat watermelons at Chika's home after getting out of the sea♡

Is You-chan good at studies?[19]
Asked by ヨーソローマンさん

Studies are--- so-so. Maybe.... Ehehe☆ But well, don't hold those expectations of me! I don't think I'm incapable of doing well--- Or rather, I'm sure I can if I try!! But every day I'm busy with diving and Aqours practice. This year I'm just barely safe from having to take supplementary lessons♪

Swimming in the pool damages your hair, so does You-chan take care of her hair properly?[19]
Asked by ともちさん

Uwaah, amazing, you noticed even the fine details~! As expected of our fans♡ That's something Dia-chan often says too~. After I started being a school idol, I've been applying treatments. That's why lately I've been applying something I got from Rikocchi! It has a nice smell♪

During times when you just can't seem to cheer up, what do you do?[19]
Asked by鈴生昂さん

When I can't cheer up, when I can't cheer up--- Nope, I don't think I really have times like those but--- Ah, I get it! By that, you mean times when you're really hungry right!? If that's the case, that's easy!♪ I just chow down on the Calorie Mate I always have on hand. That cheers me up right away♡

You-chan, what comes to mind when you think of summer?[19]
Asked byゆっぺさん

If it's summer, it's the sun, the sea, sun tans and also, training camps!! Something like that~? Summer holidays without school just have the image of diving training and training camps for me. Ah, and also fireworks♡ Numazu has them, and even Uchiura has a fireworks festival even if it's small! I love eating grilled corn there☆

What do you respect about your father?[19]
Asked byちょこれーとざむらいさん

All the amazing--- and cool things about him!! I mean, he wears that captain's uniform, and makes the huge ship move with just a command of "Yousoro"♪ That moment where they stop steering and wait for the ship to move off slowly is always exciting to me. I want to be a ship captain soon too...

What sort of loungewear do you wear at home?[14]
Asked by 松海鳳さん

Sorry, this--- Is it alright for me to say this? Somehow it's a bit--- I feel like Ruby-chan or Yocchan will get mad at me for this--- but well since you asked I'll just reveal the answer♪ Just as everyone imagined!! Sweatsuits and jerseys!♡♡ I still love wearing my middle school's jersey even now~♪


LL!SS!! Aqours Special Monologue Show 【Part 5 Watanabe You】02:35

LL!SS!! Aqours Special Monologue Show 【Part 5 Watanabe You】

Eng Sub LL!SS!! Aqours Valentine's Message 【Watanabe You】01:15

Eng Sub LL!SS!! Aqours Valentine's Message 【Watanabe You】

Eng Sub LL!SS!! Aqours New Year's Special Message 【Watanabe You】00:56

Eng Sub LL!SS!! Aqours New Year's Special Message 【Watanabe You】


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No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Greetings from Watanabe You[20] 2:23
You Hajimemashite no Goaisatsu


Ep. Title
01 "I Want to Shine!!"
(輝きたい!! "Kagayakitai!!")
LLSS S1Ep1 243
In Episode 1, Uranohoshi Girls' High School student Takami Chika discovered the school idol group μ's while trying to catch a runaway flyer. Having had looked for something to devote her all to for a long time, she was inspired and decided to form her own school idol group.

With help from her friend Watanabe You, Chika tried to gather members at the school entrance ceremony, without any response from the student body. You and Chika then encountered first year students Kurosawa Ruby and Kunikida Hanamaru, and Chika tried to interest them in joining the school idol club. Tsushima Yoshiko suddenly interrupted the conversation and Hanamaru recognized her from kindergarten. Yoshiko ran off with the other two first years chasing her, and Chika proclaimed she would recruit them later.

After third year student and student council president Kurosawa Dia denied Chika permission to form a school idol club, Chika and You took the ferry to meet up with Matsuura Kanan, who told them she would not be re-entering school for a while longer. The three of them saw a helicopter flying past, in which Ohara Mari was sitting.

You told Chika she would join the school idol club, saying she had always wanted to be passionate about something together with Chika. Together they confronted Dia once again, who rejected them once more, questioning how they were planning to compose songs.

When Sakurauchi Riko unexpectedly showed up as a transfer student in Chika and You's class, Chika recognized her and asked if she would join the school idol club. "Kimeta yo Hand in Hand" was performed by Chika, You and Riko as an insert song, and the episode ended with Riko declining Chika's request.

02 "Catch the Transfer Student!"
(転校生をつかまえろ! "Tenkousei o Tsukamaero!")
LLSS S1Ep2 050
In Episode 2, Chika persisted in trying to persuade Riko into becoming a school idol and composing songs for their group. However, Riko continued to politely decline the proposal.

Meanwhile, You had been working on costume ideas for the school idol group. Chika initially was not impressed, saying they did not look like something a school idol would wear, until You showed her one drawing she fell for.

Still only having two members and no one to compose their songs, Chika and You yet again faced Dia with their club application. Chika’s mention of μ's and how they must have struggled only having three members initially upset Dia, who corrected Chika on her pronunciation of the group name and started quizzing her on μ's trivia. The conversation was unknowingly broadcasted to the entire school.

Chika and You met Hanamaru and Ruby again, luring the shy Ruby out of hiding using a lollipop. Chika learned that Yoshiko had not been at school after running out of class on the first day, and that Dia is Ruby’s older sister.

As Kanan, You, Chika and Riko were out diving, Riko at first had troubles using her imagination to hear the sound of the ocean as per Kanan’s advice. Diving down again, Chika and You pointed to a spot where the sunlight hit the water, and the three of them managed to experience the sound of the ocean.

At school Riko told Chika and You she would compose for the school idol group, but not become a school idol herself. They realized they did not have any lyrics written, and together the three of them tried writing lyrics at the Takami family’s ryokan.

03 "First Step"
(ファーストステップ "Faasuto Suteppu")
LLSS S1Ep3 282
In Episode 3, Chika, You, and Riko were training on the beach when they saw the Ohara family's helicopter flying by, which eventually landed near them.

With Mari's arrival to the school, she introduced herself as the new chairwoman of Uranohoshi Girls' High School. Dia, who knew Mari back from their first year in Uranohoshi, pointed out how unbelievable it was for a third year to be the new chairwoman. Mari showed her proof and stated that she came to support Chika, You, and Riko. She then challenged them to fill the gym with audience in order to get her approval for their School Idol Club. The three second year students realized that there weren't enough students in their school to fill the gym, which caused them to advertise their concert in other places as well.

They started handing out flyers in front of Numazu Station, where Riko unknowingly met a disguised Yoshiko while advertising their concert.

While training, Chika, You, and Riko thought up of possible names for their currently nameless school idol group. They soon stumbled upon the name "Aqours", which was written on the beach, and decided to use it as their school idol group's name.

The newly-named school idol group Aqours continued to advertise their upcoming concert. In Chika's house, Aqours continued to work on their dance steps until Riko and You noticed that Chika fell asleep, and decided to call it a day. Shima, Chika's elder sister, drove You home as no buses ran when it is late at night.

Before their concert, Aqours worried about people not attending due to the rain. They laughed it off and stood behind the stage's curtain, hand in hand. However, when the curtains raised, they only had a small group of audience. Included in the audience were Mari, Ruby, Hanamaru, and a disguised Yoshiko. Despite this, they continued their concert and performed "Daisuki dattara Daijoubu!" while Kanan and Dia listened from outside the gym.

A power outage occurred halfway through the song, halting their performance. Chika continued to sing, followed by You and Riko, until she started to cry. Right before they lost hope, Chika's sister Mito arrived and said that Chika told her the wrong start time. Meanwhile, Dia secretly hooked up a backup generator and the power returned, which illuminated the gym that was filled with audience. Aqours then resumed their performance.

After Aqours' concert, Dia went in front of them then said that their success was only due to the efforts of previous school idols and the town's good will. Chika answered she knew it but that it was their only chance to shine.

04 "Two Girls' Feelings"
(ふたりのキモチ "Futari no Kimochi")
LLSS S1Ep4 019
In episode 4, the school idol club was finally approved by Mari, much to the second years' delight. Although, they questioned why she was so keen on helping them. Entering their new club room for the first time, they realised it would need intensive cleaning up before they would be able to use it.

Chika, Riko and You entered the library to return books they had found while cleaning up, just as Ruby was excitedly telling Hanamaru the news of the school idol club officially being formed. Once again, Chika tried recruiting the duo as school idols.

Kanan impressed the second years with her stamina, running past them as they were trying to raise their own stamina by running up stairs like μ's.

Met by a very excited Chika, Ruby and Hanamaru started a trial period as members of the school idol club, saying they would join if they liked it. Short of a place to practice, the school idol club ended up taking their dance practice to the rooftop, inspired by μ's.

After Ruby officially joined the school idol club, she confronted Hanamaru at the library. Ruby explained how she suspected that Hanamaru went along just because she thought being a school idol was something Ruby wanted to do, but that she also thought maybe Hanamaru was interested herself. Ruby drew a parallell to Hoshizora Rin also thinking she was not fit to be a school idol, and admitted she had always wanted to become a school idol with Hanamaru. Hanamaru finally agreed to become a school idol after Riko, You and Chika entered the library, Chika saying what matters is the will to do it, rather than your skills.

05 "Yohane Descends"
(ヨハネ堕天 "Yohane Daten")
LLSS S1Ep5 217
In episode 5, The school idol club, now with five members, were looking at their ranking and comments online. Hanamaru was revealed to never have seen a computer before, due to living in a temple without many electronics. The members of Aqours wondered how they could stand out more in order to raise their popularity.

Wimpering in the school idol clubroom, Yoshiko explained she knew she was not a fallen angel and wanted to be a normal high school student. Chika, on the other hand, got the idea of fallen angel idols as a way to make them stand out more. Therefore, she asked Yoshiko if she wanted to become a school idol, addressing her as “Fallen Angel Yohane-chan”.

Much to Dia’s dismay, the school idol club uploaded a fallen angel themed video online using their new costumes. Dia showed the Aqours members that the inital boost in rankings the video had gotten them was already declining and their rank was dropping. This broke the spirits of the school idols, causing Chika to second guess their trying to be like μ's and Yoshiko to once again say she wanted to be a normal high schooler and quit the school idol club.

The day after Hanamaru made the other Aqours members understand why Yoshiko had wanted to be a fallen angel in the first place, they confronted Yoshiko wearing their new costumes and asked if she wanted to join Aqours as the fallen angel Yohane. Chika yelled to the fleeing Yoshiko that she was fine the way she was and that μ's got so popular due to their being themselves and not caring about what others thought. After being assured all the members of the school idol club were okay with her antics, Yoshiko accepted their offer and joined.

06 "Let's Make a PV"
(PVを作ろう "PV o Tsukurou")
LLSS S1Ep6 235
In episode 6, news of the school possibly being closed and merged with a school in Numazu reached Chika, and she was overjoyed to be put in a similar situation to the one μ's faced, becoming motivated to do more school idol activities in order to save the school. After some careful thinking, Aqours decided to create a promotional video, with the purpose of showing people what made their small town Uchiura a great place. They all went out to film, but most of the things the group could come up with seemed quite unimpressive after reconsideration. The group gathered at a café to think things through, and Chika realized that what they had at their current school was something special she did not want to lose.

Showing the chairwoman their promotional video, Mari told Chika and the rest of Aqours that they did not know what it was that made their town and their school great. After Mari proclaimed she knew better herself, Chika decided not to ask about it, considering it something they had to figure out for themselves for it to be worth something.

On her way to the clubroom Chika spotted Dia on stage in the empty auditorium. While she did decline Chika’s offer of joining the school idol club, Dia stated she was happy that they wanted to save the school. As Dia was leaving the room, Ruby stopped Chika from calling out to her, and a flashback showed the third years seemingly right before a school idol performance. Mari showed up and told Dia you can’t run away, only move forward, but Dia denied she had been trying to run away.

In accordance with Uchiura tradition, all the town members gathered early in the morning of the first day of beach season to make and release floating lanterns. Riko, for whom it was the first time experiencing the tradition, talked about how she didn’t realize there were so many people living in the town and suggested that maybe that was the special thing about Uchiura and Uranohoshi Girls’ High School. Hearing this, Chika gathered everyone’s attention and introduced Aqours, saying they needed the help of everyone in town to save their school. "Yume de Yozora o Terashitai" was performed as an insert song by the currently six Aqours members, thus concluding the episode.

07 "TOKYO"
LLSS S1Ep7 097
In episode 7, the members of Aqours realized that their PV had boosted their popularity enough to push them into the top one hundred school idol groups. Because of this, they were invited to perform at an event in Tokyo.

Getting to Tokyo, the school idol club (sans transfer student Riko) tried not to let on that they were from the country side, without much success. After getting temporarily separated, Aqours paid a visit to Kanda Shrine, and got excited about running up the same stairs that μ's once used for stamina practice.

Once they reached the top of the stairs, Chika heard Kazuno Sarah and Kazuno Leah singing “SELF CONTROL!!”. Although the two girls were strangers to Chika and the rest of Aqours, Sarah recognized them from their PV and asked if they were in Tokyo for the upcoming event. The Saint Snow members then left, leaving Aqours impressed with their acrobatics and singing skills.

The next day, Chika went out for a run and visited the place where she first found out about school idols, UTX High School. There, the rest of Aqours caught up with her and the six of them saw the next Love Live! competition being announced on the screen of the UTX building. Aqours decided they wanted to enter the competition.

At the event location, the Aqours members were surprised to find out the girls they had met at Kanda Shrine were school idols, too. Sarah introduced herself, and the episode ended just as Saint Snow were to take the stage.

08 "Isn't it Frustrating?"
(くやしくないの? "Kuyashikunai no?")
LLSS S1Ep8 158
In episode 8, Saint Snow performed “SELF CONTROL!!” on stage at a school idol event in Tokyo. After all the school idol groups invited had performed, neither Aqours nor Saint Snow were announced as one of the winners. In spite of their loss, Chika talked about how it was Aqours’ best performance yet. The other members, on the other hand, worried about how far from being top idols they were.

Having been given the results of the audience poll used to rank the groups at the event, Aqours learned that they not only placed last, but also got zero votes. Approached by Saint Snow, Aqours was complimented on their performance but told they might be better off giving up competing in Love Live! by Sarah, and warned not to take Love Live! lightly by a crying Leah.

On the train ride back to Numazu, five quite depressed Aqours members and one seemingly less depressed Chika discussed Saint Snow’s statements. Once they arrived they were greeted by Uranohoshi Girls’ High School students, relieved and happy to hear it was the group’s best performance so far. When Dia arrived at the scene, Ruby ran into her arms, crying.

Dia talked to Aqours about their placing last, saying she was afraid it would happen, considering how tough the school idol scene had gotten. She explained how she, Mari and Kanan formed a school idol group two years back, but were unable to sing at the very same event, overwhelmed by the other groups’ performances and the atmosphere.

Riko followed Chika to the beach, who, after holding all of her feelings in for a long time, finally allowed herself to cry and let out her frustration about all of their hard work not bearing fruit. When Chika said she thought it would make the other members sad if she allowed herself to be sad, Riko pointed to the rest of Aqours and said that no one joined for Chika’s sake, it was a decision they all made on their own. The sun’s rays hit the six girls standing in the water as they decided to try to turn their zero into a one.

09 "Young DREAMER"
LLSS S1Ep9 043
In episode 9, the six members of Aqours tried to figure out what to do for the upcoming summer festival. Chika wondered what made Kanan (who had been evasive when Chika asked her about it) quit being a school idol since she did not think it was like Kanan to quit just because of one failure. Ruby revealed she had heard Dia speaking to Mari back then, saying neither Dia nor Kanan were running away.

On one of her early morning walks Kanan was followed by the school idol club, who overheard Kanan and Mari talking about Kanan’s returning to school. However, Kanan said she was not going to become a school idol again and that she did not want to talk to Mari any more.

At school, Kanan and Mari got into a heated argument, which made Chika burst into the room and yell at them to break it up, and to come to the club room of the school idol club after school. There, Kanan continued to claim that the fact she could not sing in Tokyo was the reason she had quit being a school idol. Once she had left the room, the other girls pushed Dia into revealing that Kanan didn’t sing at the event to prevent Mari from performing with an injury, and that she quit being a school idol because she didn’t want Mari turning down other opportunities.

Aqours convinced Dia to join them, Chika saying they’d all help out if juggling school idol duties and student council president duties got too much, and Ruby handing her a stage costume. All nine girls performed “Mijuku DREAMER” as an insert song, and Dia turned out to be the one who wrote “Aqours” in the sand, it being the same name the third years’ previous idol group had.

10 "We've Got Stewshine"
(シャイ煮はじめました "Shai-ni Hajimemashita")
LLSS S1Ep10 163
In episode 10, summer vacation began for the now nine members of Aqours. Summer is the season of the Love Live! competition, and Dia had somehow managed to get her hands on the training schedule μ's used when they were active. Since Kanan and Chika had been asked to help run a snack bar on the beach, the members decided to camp at the Takami family inn in order to make time for practice.

Initially intimidated by a competing snack bar on the beach, Dia quickly took charge and assigned tasks once she recieved encouragement from Mari. Riko, Chika and Kanan begun advertising in order to draw in customers, seemingly somewhat unwillingly. Meanwhile, You, Yoshiko and Mari started cooking the food.

With everyone exhausted after attempting to train the way μ's did, they all sat down to eat Mari’s Stewshine and Yoshiko’s Tears of a Fallen Angel takoyaki that hadn’t sold during the day.

Aqours’ second day of managing the snack bar wasn’t all too successful either, but everyone enjoyed the curry You made using both Mari’s and Yoshiko’s culinary creations. Dia tried to hold a lesson on Love Live! history, but it was cut short due to Chika’s sister Mito thinking they were being too loud.

11 "Aye-aye, My Friend"
(友情ヨーソロー "Yuujou Yousoro")
LLSS S1Ep11 197
In episode 11, all the members of Aqours saw Riko off as she left for Tokyo to compete in a piano competition that would take place the same day as the regional Love Live! qualifiers. They made the promise to sing together on the same stage next time.

As “special practice”, Dia got the eight of them to help clean up the school’s pool, and once they finished they decided to practice their dance in the empty pool. With Riko missing, Aqours needed to adjust their formation, and opted for You to fill in Riko’s spot.

Chika and You struggled to find harmony in their dance, Chika being accustomed to the way Riko performed the dance moves. They had just made it through the part they had problems with because of You’s mimicking Riko’s movements, when Riko called from Tokyo. After Ruby, Hanamaru and Yoshiko greeted her, the call was cut short due to Chika’s battery running low just as You was about to say something to Riko.

Having been surprised to discover the first two Aqours members were Chika and You rather than Chika and Riko, Mari confronted You suggesting she was jealous of the relationship between Chika and Riko. Although initially denying the accusation, You eventually opened up and took Mari’s advice to be honest with Chika to heart.

Being totally honest proved to be a difficult task for You, and she didn’t know how to express her feelings to Chika. After You was encouraged through a call from Riko to not just adjust to what Riko and Chika did before and find their own dynamic in the dance instead, Chika showed up at You’s house. Chika suggested they start over and relearn the dance together, and a crying You ended up embracing Chika.

The night of the Love Live! qualifiers and Riko’s piano competition, everyone wore the matching scrunchies Riko had sent as bracelets. Riko played her piece at the competition, and the remaining eight Aqours members performed “Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare” on stage.

12 "It's Time to Fly"
(はばたきのとき "Habataki no Toki")
LLSS S1Ep12 206
In episode 12, the members of Aqours were happy and relieved to find out they made it through the regional qualifiers of the Love Live! after a nervous wait. While the video of their performance had gotten a lot of views and comments, the number of applicants for the school’s open house was still zero.

Chika couldn’t help but compare Aqours to μ's, and wondered if the school idols she looked up to weren’t regular people after all. Calling the other Aqours members, she suggested they’d all go to Tokyo before Riko went back home, and try to figure out what made μ's great.

In Tokyo, Chika had arranged for Aqours to meet up with Saint Snow, who told Chika and the others they didn’t know what made μ's and A-RISE different. To them, what mattered was winning and following in the footsteps of their predecessors. Together, both groups watched the announcement of the Love Live! finals being held at the Akiba Dome on the screen outside the UTX High School building.

At Riko’s suggestion, Aqours visited Otonokizaka High School. They learned that μ's hadn’t left anything from their school idol days at Otonokizaka, saying their hearts would be connected even without those things. Chika and Riko said the visit had brought them closer to the answer of their question.

On the train back to Numazu, the nine of them took a stop to look at the sea. Chika said that they couldn’t compare themselves to μ's, and all of the members started realizing that they had to run freely, stand on their own feet and not chase after someone else in order to become great. They decided that what they were running towards was turning the zero into a one.

13 "Sunshine!!"
(サンシャイン!! "Sanshain!!")
LLSS S1Ep13 223
In episode 13, Aqours were practicing for the Love Live! regionals during the hot days of summer vacation. Meanwhile, the number of applicants for Uranohoshi Girls’ High School was still zero. At the end of the day, Mutsu, Itsuki and Yoshimi showed up to tell Chika that they, along with other people in the school, were also interested in saving the school and had thought about becoming school idols. Chika invited them to sing with Aqours at the Love Live!.

The nine members of Aqours met up with Mutsu, Itsuki and Yoshimi, who brought with them an abundance of other Uranohoshi Girls’ High School students. However, everyone’s excitement was restrained when Riko announced that the rules said only the people who had applied initially would be allowed on stage. In the end, although only Aqours would be on stage, all the other girls decided to cheer them on from the audience.

Before their performance, the school idol club members reflected on their time together. Ruby and Hanamaru were embraced by Yoshiko, while Mari, Kanan and Dia thanked each other for getting this far, and Chika told You and Riko she wanted to enjoy everything the future had in store together. Proclaiming there weren’t just nine of them, Chika opened the door to the stage.

Prior to performing their song, Aqours introduced themselves by telling the audience their story and their goal. When they counted to nine, part of the audience yelled “ten”, pronouncing their being the tenth member of the group.

Halfway through the performance of “MIRAI TICKET”, Chika called out for everyone to shine together with them. The Aqours supporters of the audience ran down to stand next to the stage, creating a circle of blue light sticks around it. Meanwhile, the number of applicants for the school flipped from zero to one.


  • You doesn't normally wear glasses, but during Episode 11, she was shown wearing them.
  • In the early stages of Aqours, You was originally a 1st year student.


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