• Particularly because Love Live! School Idol Festival officially has it that way.

    I know it'll need a bit work though, so I'm merely suggesting.

    Ayase Eli No Brand Girls (Weiss Schwarz)
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    • If we were to do that, we'll also need to change Yazawa Niko to Yazawa Nico. I know that, that is their official name, anyway.

      It can be done, however, I still need to discuss this with Ethrundr or MPA first.

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    • Have you any other official references for this matter, either from the anime, MVs or manga, as it's the primary source for all the details we had here?

      I cannot decide based on mark on the card alone. But, as long as you can proof it to be the official naming, then we should change it.

      I used Niko and Eri in the first place because the direct romanization says that way.

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    • The mark on the card is the official signature for the character. Weiss Schwarz is releasing character signed cards like that one. Niko's name in her signature is also spelled as Nico.

      SIF's release of cards also spell Eri as Eli and Niko as Nico.

      I think 絵里 is romanized as Eri because Japanese don't use "L" in speaking, and にこ as Niko since "C" and "K" sound the same. When I type Japanese characters, and I used "C" instead of "K", it produces the same character.

      Though, of course, everything's just the same.

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    • Hmmmmmmm, the thing is, a lot of 3rd part listened stuff go between these two spellings, so I'd say there is no need for right now, but, if you can find references from the anime or official Lantis merc then maybe we should change it. That is my opinion on this topic, but I will give the final say to Eth.

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    • Took me a while to find it. Too long, honestly. This is in one of the scans the MUSIC Start CD. Nico and Eli, alright.
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    • Well, if it's the official naming, then we need to change the whole thing.

      For now I'll just rename the pages with redirect, and then we could find all entry about Eli and Nico via this page: Special:WhatLinksHere/Ayase_Eli for Eli and Special:WhatLinksHere/Yazawa_Nico for Niko.

      I'll help on changing them all later, but for today, I'll just do the character pages first.

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    • I will forever prefer the ERI spelling and even the earilest images of her name found in the Mogyutto love de Sekkin Chuu PV, which premiered in February 2012, clearly shows from the very beginning her name was spelled as Eri. The 'L' spelling was subsitute later on for reasons entirely unknown and will forever create confusion over the spelling of her name, but even as of February 2013 the title of Episode 7 is spelled "Erichika" and not 'Elichika'...

      ERI 4 LIFE

      ERICHI <3

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