• Well, as I travel between wikia and wikia with "Prev/Next product". I suggest we do it here.

    If this is confusing, the "Prev/Next Product" info would be in the infobox of the album, showing what product, of the same category, is next in the release timeline.

    EX: On the Solo Live II page would be  "Previous: Solo Live" and "Next: Solo LIve III"

    EX2: In case of single or non-specials (the regular products consisting of two songs) (3 for some singles). It can be listed as: (I will use Awaken the Power as EX.)

    "Previous: My Mai Tonight / Miracle Wave"

    "Other in the same album": Crash Mind / Drop Out (If I am correct)

    "Next"; Water Blue New World / Wonderful Stories

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