• Well, as I travel between wikia and wikia with "Prev/Next product". I suggest we do it here.

    If this is confusing, the "Prev/Next Product" info would be in the infobox of the album, showing what product, of the same category, is next in the release timeline.

    EX: On the Solo Live II page would be  "Previous: Solo Live" and "Next: Solo LIve III"

    EX2: In case of single or non-specials (the regular products consisting of two songs) (3 for some singles). It can be listed as: (I will use Awaken the Power as EX.)

    "Previous: My Mai Tonight / Miracle Wave"

    "Other in the same album": Crash Mind / Drop Out (If I am correct)

    "Next"; Water Blue New World / Wonderful Stories

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    • Can you cite an example of where this feature exists? We might consider if it will not be too much of a work. But as of the moment, we are seeing it as unnecessary.

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    • YOu can see it on Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki. Take a look at "Booster Set 3: Demonic Lord Invasion" for an example.

      It is not that necessary, but almost every internet users want "Covenience" right? They may want to know "What's next". 

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    • Or maybe the wikipedia for someone who is ranked, like US president.

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    • An Example, but not in template, just for showcase. USing Awaken the Power as a ref. again

      Album release
      Previous Songs Other in the same album Next songs
      My Mai Tonight
      Miracle Wave
      Crash Mind
      Water Blue New World
      Wondeful Stories

      Insert Song
      Previous Curent Next
      Miracle Wave {{Pagename}} Water Blue New World
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    • I have added the features to the following Infoboxes:

      • BD Infobox
      • BD Infobox2
      • Album Infobox
      • Album Infobox2
      • CD Infobox
      • CD Infobox2

      I do not agree with having the feature for most of the singles, as they are not really released as a series unlike the Albums, OSTs, and Blu-rays, so I did not add them to the Singles Infobox.

      For usage, please refer to this edit.

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    • So, I am the one to do it?

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    • If you want to do it, then go ahead. The job is open for everybody as it doesn't require being meticulous.

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    • Well, about the single albums as mentioned above, how?

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    • I will cover the continuing sets first, but the rest will be after your decision.

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    • I believe I have stated my decision about that in a reply above. If you can just read it again, but slowly this time.

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    • A FANDOM user
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