• On season 1 episode 3 its says,  "When it's time for μ's to perform, however, no one comes to the concert." The however seems very random and μ should not have the 's making it grammatically incorrect because of no belonging or ownership directly after. "When it's time for μ's performance, they hope for a packed auditorium. However, no one is at the concert." (If you wanted to incorperate the however and the 's to muse) I for some reason cant change this so hope it gets fixed.


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    • you're using Visual Editor and it doesn't really let you edit much when it comes to templates-- juz switch to Source Editor and you'll be able to edit it -w-

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    • thx

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    • oh and Muse is spelled as µ's rather than juz µ-- so the 's in µ's isn't meant to show the possessive-whatever-thats-called--

      i, personally, write µ's' if i want to show that--

      so with that, i undid your edit but removed the "however"--

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