• Can I use the song translations (and lyrics maybe..) at this wiki for the video clips I plan to add translations to? (planning to translate song performances of the live concerts)

    I'll be giving credits to this wiki at the video saying that this is the source of translations.

    (sorry if this is the wrong place to post this~ it's my 1st time.) xD

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    • Sure, why not. A lot of people do that already actually, so long as you credit us for it. Out of curiosity, which live though? We've finished translating 3rd and 5th, and 2nd was already out before this, which leaves only 1st and 4th.

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    • (~~Oh... wait... what?? where can I find the 3rd and 5th?~~)

      guess that means I'll do the 1st and 4th then~

      (I plan to finish it before their final live. and since I'm still a beginner in making subs, it'll be very amateur-like. It's just the little things I could do for μ's before they're gone forever) T_T

      And I probably will only translate the songs and share it as clips since I'm not capable of translating what they're saying. (I just have a rough understanding of what their saying in concerts)

      Edit: I found the 3rd and 5th after a little googling xD

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