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Suwa Nanaka
Seiyuu Character Profile - Suwa Nanaka
Kanji 諏訪 ななか
Romaji Suwa Nanaka
Gender Female
Birth Date November 2, 1994
Origin Saitama Prefecture
Occupation Voice Actress
Radio Personality
Height 157cm [1]
ANN Profile Anime News Network
Twitter Twitter
Website Agency Profile

Suwa Nanaka was born on November 2, 1994 in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Her nicknames are "Suwawa" and "Suwa-chan". She voices Matsuura Kanan in Love Live! Sunshine!!.

Her call-and-response has her asking "Minna-san, gokigen ikaga kanan?", to which the audience replies "Daibu ii kanji", after which she finishes with "Yoshi, jaa hagu shiyou".[2] Her image color during concerts is green.


Her current agency is amuleto.

She voices the character Yaya in the anime World War Blue. She also voices the character March in the game Syanago Collection.[3] She has been cast as a radio personality on radio shows as well.

Personality & Hobbies

She describes herself as a person who moves at her own pace. Her hobbies include watching movies and anime, playing games, and taking walks. She really loves sleeping as well, describing it as fun and sometimes sleeping late into the afternoon on her off days.[4] Her talents include dance, piano, calligraphy, and putting on yukatas and hakamas. She is good with English.

She is a fan of Hidamari Sketch.[5]

Other Data

For a collection of translated interviews and videos, please refer to Translated Voice Actress Content.




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