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Kanji 逢田 梨香子
Romaji Aida Rikako
Gender Female
Birth Date August 8, 1992
Origin Tokyo Prefecture
Occupation Voice Actress
Blood Type O
Height 150cm
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Rikako Aida was born on August 8, 1992[1] in Tokyo Prefecture, Japan. She has used a variety of stage names, switching out her family name with Momoi (桃井) & Itou (伊藤). Her nickname is "Rikyako." She voices Riko Sakurauchi in Love Live! Sunshine!!.

Her image color during concerts is light pink. Her call-and-response is "Biichi, Sukecchi" to which the audience replies "Sakurauchi!", after which she asks "Suki na tabemono wa?" ([Her] favorite food is?), and is finished with the audience replying "Sandwich!".


Rikako Aida's family consists of her parents and herself. She owns a dog named Koushi.[2]

As a student, she was more concerned with her hobbies.

In high school, upon watching a certain anime, she thought that it would be nice if she could voice act as well. She realized that becoming a voice actress would not be easy, so she started giving it her all to become one.[3]

Before becoming a voice actress, she acted in movies and stage plays.

Her current agency is Ken Production.

Personality & Hobbies

Being an only child, Rikako gets envious of people who have siblings. She always played with dolls, origami, Sylvanian Families, and simple games such as Cat's cradle. But if she were to have siblings, she would play professional wrestling with them.

Her childhood dream was to be a singer, and she idolized Hamasaki Ayumi ever since she was young. She also liked Sailor Moon since childhood and her favorite character is Sailor Venus, also known as Aino Minako.[4] She has liked Sailor Moon until now and has merchandise of the series. She said that she used to dress up as Sailor Moon at an age as young as 6 years old.

Her favorite school subjects are arts and crafts, and music. She dislikes other subjects. Her interest in art seemed to continue from her childhood. She usually scored around fourth place in art class.[5]

Her talents include speaking English and playing the guitar. She also claims to be good at table tennis. She has taken Judo lessons as well.

Her ability to speak English might have been due to the fact that she lived in Pasadena, Los Angeles for three years. Besides Los Angeles, she has gone to South Korea as well. She had said that if she was to go on an outing, her ideal place for it would be Los Angeles and New York. A country she wants to visit is France.

She is working hard at making cooking one of her talents and specializes in egg dishes.[5] Her specialty dish is tomato curry. She likes mango-flavored food[6] and sour food. She drinks liquor in moderate amounts, and she likes a drink called Sangria which often contains alcohol. Her favorite ice cream is Yukimi Daifuku.

She appears to be an indoor-type of person.[7] She has a weakness towards insects and painful things such as injections. She describes herself as a sloppy person who does not mind minor details much. Her room is extremely tidy and is filled with lots of PET bottles.[5]

She likes a television series called Furuhata Ninzaburou and her favorite movie genres are mystery or suspense.[8] She likes the character named Cinnamoroll from Sanrio.

She idolizes fellow voice actress Kitamura Eri and voice actor Ishida Akira.

Other Data

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Dengeki G's Magazine September 2016 - Special Interview[9]
Dengeki G's Mag Sept 2016 Rikyako
“Surely this is a fateful encounter! [My] love for Riko did not change since my very first impression.”

--- First off, please tell us your reason for wanting to join the Love Live! Sunshine!! Project.
I’ve loved μ’s music from the start; I put it in my player and listened to it, I’ve seen the TV anime, and played SIF. When I passed the auditions and knew I got accepted for the role of Sakurauchi Riko, I was so happy and shed tears! Until the results of the assessment were in, there was a lengthy time period, and I found myself waiting every day, you know. I always carried my mobile phone around and took it out, and be all like “is it out yet, is it out yet?” (laughs). I felt like I waited for a very long time. When I heard the results, even when I was with my mother, we got so emotional we hugged each other and cried. To top it all off, Riko-chan was the member I wanted to play as the most! That I passed for the member (character) of my heart’s desire made me so happy I might explode... anyway, I was moved [by that event]!

--- Riko-chan really is Aida-san’s favorite, huh?
Yeah! During the audition, when I was shown Riko’s picture, should I say I fell in love at first sight... she even came with a [hair]pin. “This girl... so cute!” was my pure thought. At the same time, she’s a transfer student, and that characteristic resembles my own self in many ways. “Among these nine, Riko-chan is number one!” was what I made up my mind about from the very start.

--- Aida-san was a transfer student during her school days, right? Riko-chan also has that feeling of being confused about being in a place she’s not used to... I understand it very well! Riko-chan also came from Tokyo, so she’ll definitely be anxious if she transfers to Numazu, Shizuoka, which is a place she knows absolutely nothing about. As for me, when I moved overseas from Japan, I suddenly felt bad [about leaving] my high school back home, so I was plagued by a lot of anxiety. Anyway, I remember my affinity with Riko-chan. While dubbing episodes 1 and 2 for the TV anime, I was like “I get you, I get you,” as I intensely expressed my agreement in response to Riko’s scenes and behavior. That’s why Riko-chan seems to be the one who understands the “me” inside and someone I can compromise with. Really, this is a fateful encounter, and I’ll always come to Riko-chan’s aid. That’s why I feel even until now that Riko-chan and I are of one body. Indeed, when I was like “if I dance the routines and sing the songs, won’t I be able to be more like Riko-chan” during my trial and error phase, that was when I felt most rewarded. Even at the dubbing session of the TV anime, I would often think about the things Riko-chan would say, that when I converse with the sound director and the others, I’d still be acting the part. At the beginning, when I felt idle, I also had come up with voices for different people. However, I received this advice from the staff; “since Rikako has a lot in common with Riko-chan, then if you act like yourself, it still would be like Riko-chan, wouldn’t it?” From then on, I acted using my own plain voice with my all. I feel like I am more honest and face to face with Riko-chan [now], more than when I [first] met [her].

“Hearing the voices from the venue saying ‘thank you’ encouraged me.”

--- Moving on, we’ve been hearing about Aqours’ activities. It’s been a year since the CD debut. Looking back from your days until now, what is the impression left in you?
When the Love Live! Sunshine!! Project was announced last February 28, 2015, the future which I wanted for myself back then, and the thing I was searching within myself were still vague... and the feeling of wanting to write μ’s next story with the others did not gush forth. Of course, I wasn’t feeling any pressure back then, but when the recording for the first single and the dubbing for the TV anime were brought in advance, I was severely pressured. My most unforgettable memory in that one year was when I heard the fans’ voices say “Thank you!” to us during the Aqours’ 1st Single Limited Purchase Event, held last January 11, 2016. Saying ‘thank you’ back is mandatory for us, but nevertheless, receiving these warm words made me very happy... “Regarding our performance, it would be nice if we could get used to everyone’s energy, even if only a little,” was what I was thinking to myself back then, so it felt like my feelings reached them. Through that event, as well as the summer camp and that event where we toured all over the country, [our] achievement was declared; there was even a presentation, you know. I felt that my efforts were rewarded, and I thought it was a really good thing that the fans so kindly accepted Aqours. From here on, too, to have the chance to meet our fans would be happiness. Words may not be exchanged, but if [we] could see [our fans’] faces, everyone’s feelings will reach me. That is a really wonderful thing, I think.

--- We’ve heard that fans loved your singing and dancing during the 1st Single Limited Purchase Event.
Thank you very much! That time, when I stood on stage I knew for the first time what a battlefield is like. Up to 3 songs were revealed, but I found myself out of breath... μ’s were even all smiles as they sang and danced; that is the result of athletic strength combined with daily training, you know. In fact, the most important requirement for a school idol, is that no matter how out of breath you are, you have to keep dancing with a smile; willpower as well, probably. Once again, μ’s has won my respect. Even in the anime, [μ’s] became legendary school idols, and in fact, the yearning for μ’s is also within us, as we shine and try to be more like them. Even if [they’re] far away, far away, where we might not be able to reach them. In the TV anime, Chika-chan and company, in their admiration for μ’s, established Aqours, but I believe that there is a link between our minds and feelings.

--- We’re in our final question. What does it mean, for Aida-san, to be a member of Aqours?
To be a friend and comrade-in-arms, I guess. Frustrating thoughts, sad thoughts, happy things, all emotions are to be similarly experienced and shared among the 9 of us. When you share important feelings with [some people], [these people] are important friends. Since everyone is lacking something, if even one of us is missing, it’s no good. There is to be a division of roles for each, doing things while compensating for each other. Members are on good terms with each other, but since there is a good sense of rivalry, each [member] has to have this indomitable spirit somewhere in her heart. That is why I’ll also train by myself, and do my best in my dance and voice training. From now on, too, if [we] could cherish the feelings from fans who give us support, and add these feelings to the strength of all members as we face our dreams and move forward, that would be great. Also, I want to grow together with my beloved Riko-chan.

BLT Voice Girls Vol 27 Interview [10]
B.L.T. VOICE GIRLS Vol.27 - Aida Rikako 2
Rather than needing to force out a voice, I want to value my natural voice.

Among the Aqours members, I may be the one who is teased the most. Somehow, during work, I encounter a lot of rainy days, which ends in (Komiya) Arisa and (Furihata) Ai-san teasing me by giving me the nickname “Rain Woman”. I’m not naturally an airhead or teasable, but I always end up getting teased like this. I don’t know, but I suspect this has something to do with my drawings… At the beginning, I think that in order to unite the members, I had to pull myself together. But I was afraid of strangers, and liked to do things my own way, so maybe now I stand behind the others and protect them even more. As for my responsibility of leading everyone forward, I handed it over to the capable Anchan (Anju Inami). But, if there was a time that everyone was nervous while recording, I would step in and talk to everyone around there excitedly; after all, I think that if we want to be able to do good things, we need to start by creating a good atmosphere. Compared to the beginning, the members have all gotten much closer to each other; all of us would also go out together on our off days. Everyone has no more guards in their hearts, and act like a bunch of good children. Ever since we met each other, everyone has been motivated by the thought, “We must try our best as one!”, and we became familiar with each other very fast. I am playing the role of the transfer student (Sakurauchi) Riko-chan who moved from Tokyo. At first glance, she gives the impression that she is serious in her work, and is mature, but in reality, she can actually be quite stubborn, and is someone who can be quite blunt about her opinions. I also have a side of me that refuses to compromise after making a decision, so we are quite similar in this matter. Our names are also similar, so I feel that this was fated to be (laughs). I had experience acting on stage before this, but this was my first time receiving such an important role as a seiyuu. As a result, this was also the first time I had to say so many lines during dubbing, so I also ran into many difficulties. At first, even just reading out all the lines took up all my strength. But, I gradually began to think, “How should I convey the emotions from the script?”, and experience Riko-chan’s point of view, so I dug out the meaning of every line from the script. After I started doing this, I slowly began to capture Riko-chan’s variety in emotions as well as her thought process, and incidentally, dubbing also became a lot more fun. My voice is considered to be of the deep variety, so there are times that I am envious of the people with cuter voices. But, Riko-chan is also a cool-headed and composed person, so I guess it’s quite similar to my voice. Because of this, during the dubbing, rather than needing to force out a voice, I just strongly used my natural voice, which I want to value. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I put my ego above all during my expressions; I will always respect and place Riko-chan’s feelings as number one. This work has many fans everywhere, which puts a lot of pressure on me, but recently, I’ve had stronger feelings of “I can do it!”. Even the Aqours members also continuously encounter setbacks within their story, and confusion and worry to go with it. Seeing them in their plight, we will also feel pain in our hearts. But they will never give up, instead facing all their difficulties and overcoming them. I would like everyone to see their hard working side. There are still many ways that I can improve in my singing and dancing, and also many things that I still cannot do. All this requires me to do my best. Even though we are still lacking in many ways now, in order to overtake the accomplishments of our predecessor μ’s, the 9 of us will work as one. Together as Aqours, we will make our work even livelier. Anyway, Riko-chan is in the Art club. Exactly opposite the me who is terrible at art? But, the anime has not shown Riko-chan’s artwork yet; I am looking forward to that (laughs).



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