Notes of School idol days ~Glory~
Notes of School idol days ~Glory~
Album by μ's & A-RISE
Released August 27, 2014
Format CD
Recorded 2014
Label Lantis

Love Live! TV Anime 2 Original Soundtrack: Notes of School idol days ~Glory~ (『ラブライブ!』TVアニメ2期 オリジナルサウンドトラック Notes of School idol days ~Glory~) contains all theme songs, insert songs, and other BGMs played in the second season of the anime.

Track Listing

Regular Edition

Disc 1 (LACA-9356)

  1. Shin Seito Kaichou Toujou (新生徒会長登場 Debut Of The New Student Council President) (LM51)
  2. Koremade no Love Live! ~Musical Ver.~ (これまでのラブライブ! ~ミュージカルver.~) (LM15H) [Ep1 Insert Song] By: Kousaka Honoka
  3. What!? (LM52)
  4. ...Yorimichi Shitekanai? (...寄り道してかない? Shall We Stop By Somewhere On The Way Home?) (LM53)
  5. Nokosareta Jikan (残された時間 The Remaining Time) (LM54)
  6. Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki (TV Size) (それは僕たちの奇跡 (TVサイズ)) By: µ's
  7. Taihen desu!!! (大変です!!! It's Terrible!!!) (TM02)
  8. Nodoka na Inaka (のどかな田舎 Idyllic Countryside) (LM55)
  9. Sutten Nikororin (すってんにころりん Prone To Slipping) (LM56)
  10. Puresshaa ni Oshitsubusarete (プレッシャーに押しつぶされて Crushed By Pressure) (LM57)
  11. Itsumo Donna Toki mo, Zen'in no Tame ni (いつもどんなときも、全員のために Always And Whenever, For The Sake Of Everyone) (LMOP)
  12. Donna Toki mo Zutto (TV Size-NozoEliNico) (どんなときもずっと (TVサイズ・のぞえりにこ)) [Ep2 Ending Theme] By: Ayase Eli, Toujou Nozomi, Yazawa Nico
  13. Umi no Sekushii-Doresu (海未のセクシー・ドレス Umi's Sexy Dress) (TM03)
  14. A-RISE to no Taiji (A-RISEとの対峙 Confrontation With A-RISE) (LM58)
  15. Shocking Party [Ep3 Insert Song] By: Kira Tsubasa, Toudou Erena, Yuuki Anju
  16. Yume no Tobira (TV Size) (ユメノトビラ (TVサイズ)) [Ep3 Insert Song] By: µ's
  17. Donna Toki mo Zutto (TV Size) (どんなときもずっと (TVサイズ)) [Ep3 Ending Theme] By: µ's
  18. Kinpaku (緊迫 Tension) (LM59)
  19. Nikuya no Nico-chan (肉屋のにこちゃん Nico-chan At The Butcher's) (TM04)
  20. Nico Toujou...? (にこ登場...? Nico's Debut...?) (TM01)
  21. Gyou -Karuma- (業-カルマ- Act -Karma-) (LM60)
  22. Donna Toki mo Zutto (TV Size-Nico Solo) (どんなときもずっと (TVサイズ・にこソロ)) [Ep4 Ending Theme] By: Yazawa Nico
  23. Shin Riidaa Rin desu wa! (新リーダー凛ですわ! Rin Is The New Leader!) (LM61)
  24. Rin no Tomadoi (凛の戸惑い Rin's Confusion) (LM62)
  25. Love wing bell (TV Size) (Love wing bell (TVサイズ)) [Ep5 Insert Song] By: Hoshizora Rin, Nishikino Maki, Koizumi Hanayo, Ayase Eli, Toujou Nozomi, Yazawa Nico
  26. Donna Toki mo Zutto (TV Size-Rin Solo) (どんなときもずっと (TVサイズ・凛ソロ)) [Ep5 Ending Theme] By: Hoshizora Rin
  27. Harouiin Sutoriito (ハロウィーン・ストリート Halloween Street) (LM64)
  28. Tanin ni Nari Kire (他人になりきれ Becoming Someone Else) (LM63)
  29. Rock me baby! (TM06)
  30. Omatsuri Kibun de Moriagare! (お祭り気分で盛り上がれ! Get Hyped With The Festive Mood!) (TM07)
  31. Karoyakana Hirusagari B (軽やかな昼下がりB Light-Hearted Mid-Afternoon B) (LM02 TypeB)
  32. Dancing stars on me! (TV Size) (Dancing stars on me! (TVサイズ)) [Ep6 Insert Song] By: µ's
  33. Donna Toki mo Zutto (TV Size-MakiRinPana) (どんなときもずっと (TVサイズ・まきりんぱな)) [Ep6 Ending Theme] By: Hoshizora Rin, Nishikino Maki, Koizumi Hanayo

Disc 2 (LACA-9357)

  1. Seitokai no Oshigoto (生徒会のお仕事 Student Council Work) (LM65)
  2. Donna Toki mo Zutto (TV Size-KotoHonoUmi) (どんなときもずっと (TVサイズ・ことほのうみ)) [Ep7 Ending Theme] By: Kousaka Honoka, Minami Kotori, Sonoda Umi
  3. Ginmaku no Naka no Romansu (銀幕の中のロマンス Romance Of The Silver Screen) (LM66)
  4. Nozomi no Mune no Uchi (希の胸の内 Within Nozomi's Heart) (LM67)
  5. Donna Toki mo Zutto (TV Size-NozoMakiEli) (どんなときもずっと (TVサイズ・のぞまきえり)) [Ep8 Ending Theme] By: Ayase Eli, Nishikino Maki, Toujou Nozomi
  6. Minna ga Sasaete Kureru (みんなが支えてくれる Receiving Everyone's Support) (LM69)
  7. Yuki no Furumachi (雪の降る街 Snowy Street) (LM68)
  8. Snow halation (TV Size) (Snow halation (TVサイズ)) [Ep9 Insert Song] By: µ's
  9. Hatsumoode (初詣 First Shrine Visit Of The Year) (LM74)
  10. Tsubasa to Honoka (ツバサと穂乃果 Tsubasa And Honoka) (LM75)
  11. Omochi Tsuki (お餅つき Rice-Cake Month) (LM76)
  12. Donna Toki mo Zutto (TV Size-Honoka Solo) (どんなときもずっと (TVサイズ・穂乃果ソロ)) [Ep10 Ending Theme] By: Kousaka Honoka
  13. Sugu Saki ni Aru Mirai (すぐ先にある未来 The Future Right Before Us) (LM77)
  14. Konosaki no Watashitachi (この先の私たち The People We Were Just Before) (LM73 ED Arrange)
  15. Yo-shi, Asobu zo-! (よーし、遊ぶぞー! Alright, Let's Play!) (LM78)
  16. Yuujou No Change (友情ノーチェンジ) (BGM)
  17. Donna Toki mo Zutto (TV Size-All Chorus) (どんなときもずっと (TVサイズ・全員合唱)) [Ep11 Ending Theme] By: µ's
  18. Rabu Raibu! Kesshou (ラブライブ! 決勝 Love Live! Finals) (LM70)
  19. KiRa-KiRa Sensation! (TV Size) (KiRa-KiRa Sensation! (TVサイズ)) [Ep12 Insert Song] By: µ's
  20. Yume no Ato (夢のあと) (LM71)
  21. Bokura wa Ima no Naka de (TV Size) (僕らは今のなかで (TVサイズ)) [Ep12 Encore] By: µ's
  22. Aishiteru Banzai! (Piano Mix) (愛してるばんざーい! (Piano Mix)) [Ep13 Insert Song] By: µ's
  23. Oh,Love&Peace! (TV Size) (Oh,Love&Peace! (TVサイズ)) [Ep13 Insert Song] By: µ's
  24. Happy maker! (TV Size) (Happy maker! (TVサイズ)) [Ep13 Insert Song] By: µ's

Bonus Track

  1. Kore Made no Love Live! ~Musical Ver.~ (Off Vocal) (これまでのラブライブ! ~ミュージカルver.~ (Off Vocal)) (LM15H)
  2. Harasho-! (ハラショー!) (TM05) ※Unused Sound Source
  3. Semari Kuru Mono (迫り来る者 Approaching Person) (PM01)
  4. Nazo no Kage o Otte (謎の影を追って Chasing The Mysterious Shadow) (PM02)
  5. Mysterious Girl (PM03)
  6. Shocking Party (TV Size) (Shocking Party (TVサイズ)) [Ep3 insert song] By: Kira Tsubasa, Toudou Erena, Yuuki Anju
  7. Shocking Party (Off Vocal)


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