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Maki Nishikino's Father is a supporting character in Love Live!.


He is the director of Nishikino General Hospital. His family consists of himself, his wife, and his daughter Maki Nishikino.


His appearance varies in different published works; In Love Live! School idol project manga, he had black or dark-colored hair while in the Love Live! School idol diary manga adaptation, he had lighter hair color, and wears glasses.


In Love Live! School idol diary, he appears to be stern and strict. He has high expectations for Maki since she will eventually be the director of their hospital. Despite having told Maki to quit being a school idol, he allowed her to continue after µ's persuaded him.

In the anime, he appears to be more caring. It is implied that he acts as Maki's Santa every year, and leaves messages accordingly. In Love Live! The School Idol Movie, he sent Maki to the airport, although he wasn't shown on-screen.