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Dengeki G's September Issue

In this month's issue, the sixth year project is officially introduced: School idol QUEST, a monthly series where three members will be featured per chapter. A question is posed to the readers at the end of each chapter, and all correct answers submitted will be entered into a lottery where they can win illustrations by Murota-sensei.

On the Sunshine!! front, Aqours first single title is announced to be Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?, which goes on sale October 7. It will come with two coupling tracks, individual messages from each member, and a animated PV for the titular track.

For more information, please check this thread.

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Love Live! Sunshine!! Group: Aqours

The Love Live! Sunshine!! group name has been decided to be Aqours! Their debut single will be released on October 7, 2015.

Voting Results

  1. Aqours (4644 votes)
  2. Palettes! (3013 votes)
  3. Lir (2770 votes)

Total vote count: 23789

For more information, please check this thread.

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Love Live! Wikia Cursor Contest
Past threads: Submission Thread, Voting Thread

After 15 days of voting, the cursor contest has come to an end with an overwhelming lead by General Cursor Entry No. 7 and Link Cursor Entry No. 6!

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Bring out the inner designer in you!
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For more information, please check this thread.

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SIF Updates
Global News
15 Million Players Worldwide (EN)

Love Live! School idol festival (JP Version) News
August 20, 2015
(8-24) BiBi Limited Scouting

  • From August 21 until the end of the event, there will be special premium recruitment boxes:
    • Group #1: August 21 to 23 - Attribute-specific Boxes
      • August 21: PURE
      • August 22: SMILE
      • August 23: COOL
    • Group #2: August 24 to 27 - BiBi only (Eli, Maki, Nico)
    • Group #3: August 28 until the end of the event - ???
  • The theme of each group will be a secret until the campaign is active.
  • Doing a 10+1 draw (50 loveca stones) will guarantee you at least an SR or higher.

August 21, 2015
2nd Transfer Student Election

  • Second Transfer Student Election Comment Introduction♪
    • The wallpapers can be found and downloaded from here.
Ayanokouji Himeno
Second Transfer Student Election Comment Introduction (Himeno)

Second Transfer Student Election Comment Introduction (Himeno 2)


Hasekura Kasane
Second Transfer Student Election Comment Introduction (Kasane)

Second Transfer Student Election Comment Introduction (Kasane 2)


Shirase Koyuki
Second Transfer Student Election Comment Introduction (Koyuki)

Second Transfer Student Election Comment Introduction (Koyuki 2)



August 19, 2015
Score Match 20

  • Score Match Round 20 event will begin on August 20 at 4 PM and run until August 31 at 3 PM JST; there will be maintenance for one hour before and after the event.
    • There will be 8 EASY/NORMAL/HARD stages, 5 EXPERT stages, and 6 TECHNICAL stages in the pool to start with.
      • TECHNICAL mode consists of ★11 EXPERT songs and ★9+ RANDOM EXPERT songs.
    • Rewards include SR Hoshizora Rin and R Kyoko Sasahara.
    • The following campaigns will also be active:
      • From August 23 at 3 PM to July 11 at 3 PM JST, the Score Match stages will be swapped out with different ones (number of stages per rank will remain the same).
      • From August 26 at 3 PM until the end of the event, the Score Match stages from the beginning of the event will be added to the pool again, for a total of 16 EASY/NORMAL/HARD stages, 10 EXPERT stages and 12 TECHNICAL stages.

See previous updates...

Love Live! School idol festival (EN Version) News
August 19, 2015
(8-26) Third Years Limited Scouting

  • Limited scouting will be available from 12:00 am on August 20 to 8:00 am on August 28 UTC.
    • There will be three rounds of Special Scouting:
      • Round 1: August 20 to August 22 - Pure Attribute only
      • Round 2: August 23 to August 25 - lily white only (Umi, Nozomi, Rin)
      • Round 3: August 26 to August 28 - Third Years only (Eli, Nozomi, Nico)
  • The theme of each group will be a secret until the campaign is active.
  • An SR or above guaranteed promotion is not applicable to the Limited Scouting.

August 14, 2015
(8-14-15) UR Release EN

  • Chapters 23-1 and 23-2 have been added to the main story.
  • New Club Members
    • UR Nico in Honor Student Scouting!
    • Scout 11 Times for SR and above! (until August 19, 2015)
      • Higher chances at new Members♪ (until August 19, 2015)
    • Event Kotori SR also now available in Honor Student Scouting with lower chances.
    • New R Club Members added to Honor and Regular Student Scouting!


August 18, 2015
The Mysteries of Otonoki

  • A new event, "The ", will run from 9AM on August 19 to 8AM on August 28 UTC.
  • Rewards include SR Nishikino Maki, R Kyoko Sasahara, and R Alpaca.
  • Event Details:
    • During the event, special "Ghost" rhythm icons will appear in all Live Shows.
      • Touch these icons to get Ghosts and Event Points.
      • Use Ghosts to play the B-Side "Daring!!", where you can get more than the normal amount of Event Points.
    • The amount of Event Points you can get in "Daring!!" depends on your Score and Combo Rank.
    • Depending on the total Event Points collected, you will be able to enjoy the special event stories for each member.
  • We plan to add "Daring!!" as a Hit song sometime after the event has finished.
  • You will not receive Event Points for Live Shows completed after 8AM on August 28 UTC, even if you start before this time.
  • We will also be running the following specials from midnight on August 25 UTC until the end of the event.
    • x4 Event Songs - Four times the amount of Ghosts are required to play these songs, but you will also receive four time the Event Pts.
      • Live rewards such as EXP, G, number of Members, and Member levels are the same as for regular event songs.
    • Expert Event Song - A higher difficulty version of the event song is available under B-Sides, Expert.
      • 75 Ghosts required.
    • Random Notes Expert Event Song - The same Expert Event Song as above, but the Notes are randomized!
    • Playing any of the three versions above will not count towards the Event Song Ranking.
    • Certain Normal and above songs give out more Gold than usual: 150% from Normal, 200% from Hard.
      • Eligible songs change every day.

See previous updates...

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LL S2BD7 Booklet 3
A-RISE is a school idol group in the Love Live! School idol project anime. They are the school idol group of UTX High School. A-RISE consists of three members: Kira Tsubasa, the shortest girl whose charm point is her forehead; Toudou Erena, the tallest girl with an adult look; and Yuuki Anju, a girl with a sweet voice and has a princess-like look. They are depicted as the rival group of µ's.

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Natsuiro Egao de 1,2, Jump!05:14

Natsuiro Egao de 1,2, Jump!

Love Live! School Idol Project
Natsuiro Egao de 1,2,Jump!

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Now that the first set of official profiles have been completely released and translated, who is your favorite Sunshine!! character?

The poll was created at 19:48 on August 1, 2015, and so far 346 people voted.

Poll Edition: August 2, 2015 - August 31, 2015

Which of the following songs appeal the most to you?

The poll was created at 19:47 on August 1, 2015, and so far 179 people voted.

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