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Love Live! Sunshine!! Group: Aqours

The Love Live! Sunshine!! group name has been decided to be Aqours! Their debut single will be released on October 7, 2015.

Voting Results

  1. Aqours (4644 votes)
  2. Palettes! (3013 votes)
  3. Lir (2770 votes)

Total vote count: 23789

For more information, please check this thread.

(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Enjoy your idols!~
♪ LuciaHunter ♪ 09:19, June 27, 2015 (UTC)

Love Live! The School Idol Movie and µ's Next Live!

January 31 and February 1, 2015, µ's held their 5th live, μ's Go→Go! LoveLive! 2015 ~Dream Sensation!~.

On each day's encore segment, they have released important announcements. Tweets from LoveLive Staff may also be seen here.

  • January 31
    • Love Live! The School Idol Movie, premiering on June 13, 2015
  • February 1
    • µ's Next Live, next winter (More information to be released soon.) and;
    • μ’s Best Album Best Live! Collection Ⅱ, to be released on May 27, 2015

For more information, please check this thread.


Love Live! Wikia Cursor Contest: Voting Period

Last May, Love Live! Wikia decided to conduct a Cursor Contest which lasted for two months and a half. With the submission period ending, we now move on to the voting period~

Chibiville divider - glitter graphics
Bring out the inner designer in you!
Chibiville divider - glitter graphics

Voting period will last for 15 days, that is July 16 to 31 UTC.

To see the entries, please check this thread.

Banzai!   ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و ♡
Ragnarok6354 05:08, July 16, 2015 (UTC)

SIF Updates
Global News
15 Million Players Worldwide (EN)

Love Live! School idol festival (JP Version) News
July 20, 2015
(7-27) Third Years Limited Scouting

  • From July 21 until the end of the event, there will be special premium recruitment boxes:
    • Group #1: July 21 to 23 - Attribute-specific Boxes
      • June 21: PURE
      • June 22: SMILE
      • June 23: COOL
    • Group #2: July 24 to 27 - lily white only (Umi, Nozomi, Rin)
    • Group #3: July 28 until the end of the event - Third Years only (Eli, Nozomi, Nico)
  • The theme of each group will be a secret until the campaign is active.
  • Doing a 10+1 draw (50 loveca stones) will guarantee you at least an SR or higher.

July 16, 2015
11M Users Reached (JP)

  • Love Live! School idol festival (JP) reached 11 million users on July 13, 2015!
    • For one week starting July 21, there will be a login bonus of one loveca stone per day (7 total)


July 19, 2015
Medley Festival Round 6

  • Medley Festival Round 6 event will begin on July 20 at 4 PM and run until July 31 at 3 PM JST.
    • Event Mechanics below.
    • Rewards include SR Sonoda Umi and R Miyama Satoko.
    • Additional notes:
      • Every song is chosen randomly.
      • If you play 2 songs and above, all songs will have the same attribute.
      • In playing 2 songs and above, the songs will not repeat.
      • There will be 8 songs in all difficulties for each attribute.
Event Mechanics
  1. After selecting the number of songs and difficulty, the 『Festival』 will commence. If you are to play 2 songs and above, stamina and combo will be carried over. Rewards will not be obtained once you fail. In addition, possible acquisition of event points is decreased. (You may not be able to win any.)
  2. 『G』can be used to activate special effects called 『Arrange』 to contribute in the success of the live.
  3. You may also get support from a friend or student for each song you play during Festival!
  4. After the success of a Festival, you can get the event points based on the degree of difficulty and the number of songs you played. The number of event points is also affected by your score and combo, as well as the arrangement used.
  5. The 3 rewards that can be obtained in Festival are: 『Gold, Silver, and Bronze』. Gold and Silver rewards can be obtained more easily on songs with higher difficulty.

See previous updates...

Love Live! School idol festival (EN Version) News

July 26, 2015

  • Scouting Member Adjustment
    • SR/UR members that can be scouted from Honor Student Scouting will be limited to those that were added in roughly the last six months.
      • After the maintenance on Friday, July 31, only the SR/UR members that were added since Friday, January 30, 2015 will be available from the Honor Student Scouting.
    • NOTE:
      • There are no changes to the R members.
      • The SR/UR members that are being removed from the Honor Student Scouting are still available from limited scouting.
      • The same adjustment will occur at the end of every month.
  • Scouting Coupons are here!
    • Scouting Coupon will be added with the Friday, July 31 update.
      • What is a Scouting Coupon?
        • Scouting Coupons can be collected and used for special scouting, such as "Supporting Member Scouting" (1 Scouting Coupon required) and "SR/UR Only Scouting" (5 Scouting Coupons required).
      • How do I get Scouting Coupons?
        • You will receive a Scouting Coupon every 20 Ranks. You can also get them as a Scouting Bonus after scouting 10 times on Honor Student Scouting or Time Limited Scouting.
          • If you are already over Rank 20, you will receive your entitled Scouting Coupons a few days after Friday, July 31.

July 21, 2015
(7-27) Printemps Limited Scouting

  • Limited scouting will be available from 12:00 am on July 22 to 8:00 am on July 31 UTC.
    • There will be three rounds of Special Scouting:
      • Round 1: July 22 to July 24 - Cool Attribute only
      • Round 2: July 25 to July 27 - First Years only (Rin, Maki, Hanayo)
      • Round 3: July 28 to July 31 - Printemps only (Honoka, Kotori, Hanayo)
  • The theme of each group will be a secret until the campaign is active.
  • An SR or above guaranteed promotion is not applicable to the Limited Scouting.


July 20, 2015
The µ's Swimsuit Contest Event

  • A new event, "The µ's Swimsuit Contest", will run from 9AM on July 21 to 8AM on July 31 UTC.
  • Rewards include SR Minami Kotori, R Kyoko Sasahara, R Nanako Yamauchi and R Alpaca.
  • Event Details:
    • During the event, special "Flower" rhythm icons will appear in all Live Shows.
      • Touch these icons to get Flowers and Event Points.
      • Use Flowers to play the B-Side "Blueberry♥Train", where you can get more than the normal amount of Event Points.
    • The amount of Event Points you can get in "Blueberry♥Train" depends on your Score and Combo Rank.
    • Depending on the total Event Points collected, you will be able to enjoy the special event stories for each member.
  • We plan to add "Blueberry♥Train" as a Hit song sometime after the event has finished.
  • You will not receive Event Points for Live Shows completed after 8AM on July 31 UTC, even if you start before this time.
  • We will also be running the following specials from midnight on July 28 UTC until the end of the event.
    • x4 Event Songs - Four times the amount of Flowers are required to play these songs, but you will also receive four time the Event Pts.
      • Live rewards such as EXP, G, number of Members, and Member levels are the same as for regular event songs.
    • Expert Event Song - A higher difficulty version of the event song is available under B-Sides, Expert.
      • 75 Flowers required.
    • Random Notes Expert Event Song - The same Expert Event Song as above, but the Notes are randomized!
    • Playing any of the three versions above will not count towards the Event Song Ranking.
    • Certain Normal and above songs give out more Gold than usual: 150% from Normal, 200% from Hard.
      • Eligible songs change every day.

See previous updates...

Featured Article

Love Live! The School Idol Movie

Love Live! Movie key visual 2
Love Live! The School Idol Movie is a movie of Love Live! School Idol Project, first announced at the end of Season 2. It has a listed screen-time of 102 minutes, and was released in Japanese theatres on June 13, 2015.

It will be aired at theaters in various regions and countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Thailand in August, followed by screenings in the United States, Australia and New Zealand in September. It will debut in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei and Indonesia in October.

(read more...)

Featured Video
Love Live! The School Idol Movie Insert Song - Angelic Angel02:22

Love Live! The School Idol Movie Insert Song - Angelic Angel

Love Live! School Idol Movie
Angelic Angel

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