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Honoka Giveaway 2
Our Honoka Birthday Giveaway received a total of 44 entries in two weeks! It was a tough time deciding between the entries (plus our admins were busy with some RL commitments), but here are the results at last!
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Kotori's birthday is coming up soon, so watch out for our announcement in a week! Let's all continue supporting the girls of µ’s from here on too~ o(〃^▽^〃)o

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Love Live! School idol festival (JP Version) News
August 25, 2016
(8-25-16) SSR Release JP

  • New Pool (Part 2) themed cards have been added to premium recruitment.
    • There is a higher chance of obtaining these cards until August 31 (base SR/UR rate does not change).
  • Doing a 10+1 draw (50 loveca stones) will guarantee you at least an SR or higher.

August 15, 2016
(8-15-16) UR Release JP

  • Chapters 45-3 and 45-4 have been added to the µ's Mode main story.
  • Chapters 2-3 and 2-4 have been added to the Aqours Mode main story.
  • New Swimsuit themed cards have been added to premium recruitment.
    • There is a higher chance of obtaining these cards until August 20 (base SR/UR rate does not change).
  • No Event SRs are added.
  • Doing a 10+1 draw (50 loveca stones) will guarantee you at least an SR or higher.
  • New N cards have also been added to regular recruitment.


August 19, 2016
Challenge Festival Round 4

  • The Challenge Festival Round 4 event will begin on August 20 at 4 PM and run until August 31 at 3 PM JST; there will be maintenance for one hour before and after the event
    • Event Point Rewards include SR Nishikino Maki (Festival) and R Sasahara Kyouko
    • Event Ranking Rewards include SR Sonoda Umi (Festival)
    • Event rules are as follows:
Event Mechanics
  • Select the course you wish to play (Beginner, Normal, Hard, Extreme). Each course contains 5 rounds, with one song per round. As you advance through each round, it will be more likely that the next song you get is harder than the previous.
    • In the event that you fail a song in a round, your event points, G, and EXP will be halved (unless you fail on the first song, in which case you get nothing). You will also lose all Gold/Silver/Bronze rewards that you have collected.
    • Beginning with the second round, there will be a "Stop and Receive Rewards" option, if you feel that the song is too difficult for you. The festival will end and you will receive all of the rewards that you have collected.
    • You are allowed to pause between songs. The current status will be saved.
  • The song for each round is selected from a pool of 8 songs. It is possible for the same song to appear twice in the same course.
    • The songs for each course will have the following difficulties:
      • Beginner: 1★ - 6★ (Easy and Normal)
      • Normal: 4★ - 8★ (Normal and Hard)
      • Hard: 6★ - 10★ (Hard and Expert)
      • Extreme: 9★ - 11★ (Random and Daily Expert)
  • After the round song is displayed, there is a chance that bonuses will activate. Up to 3 bonuses can be active at a time, and certain combinations will trigger extra special bonuses.
    • The effect of the bonuses is limited to that round only.
    • The further you progress in a course, the more likely that a bonus will activate.
  • Select the unit that you wish to use for the song. The unit may be changed for each round.
  • You can use G to "arrange" the songs, much like in Medley Festival, to provide special effects. Note that the arrangements will reset after each round.
  • Once you clear the round, you will collect event points, G, EXP, and Gold/Silver/Bronze rewards. The further you get in a course, the more event points, G, and EXP you will collect, and the higher the likelihood of Gold and Silver rewards appearing.
    • You will only receive everything that you have collected after you clear the fifth round or once you select the "Stop and Receive Rewards" option.

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Love Live! School idol festival (EN Version) News

August 22, 2016

  • Special Songs Coming Soon
    • Special songs will be made available to play via B-Sides for a limited time.
      • Available Period
        • 12:00 am on August 23 to 11:59pm on September 25 UTC
      • Avaiable Songs
        • Aozora Jumping Heart
        • Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM
        • Mattete Ai no Uta
    • Songs will be available in all difficulties.

August 22, 2016
(8-22-16) UR Release EN

  • Chapters 36-1 and 36-2 have been added to the main story.
  • New Club Members
    • UR Maki and UR Umi in Honor Student Scouting!
    • Scout 11 Times for SR and above! (until August 29, 2016)
      • Higher chances at new Members♪ (until August 29, 2016)
    • Event Maki SR and Umi SR is also now available in Honor Student Scouting with lower chances.
    • New N Club Members added to Regular Student Scouting!


August 28, 2016
Medley Festival Round 7 (EN)

  • The new event, "Medley Festival Round 7", will run from 9:00 AM on August 29 to 8:00 AM on September 7 UTC.
    • Rewards include SR Ayase Eli, SR Kousaka Honoka, R Satoko Miyama, and R Kyoko Sasahara.
    • Event Description
      • Select the number of songs you want to play between one to three, and then select a difficulty. The songs will be automatically selected.
      • Use Gs to add Special Effects to your festival. These give you additional bonus effects during the performances.
      • Your Friends or other students may come to support you before you start the medley. They can give you a boost as well.
      • You will receive Event Pts. for successfully completing a medley. The amount of Event Pts. you receive will vary depending on various factors, such as your final score, combos you managed to string, and Special Effects and support bonuses.
      • You can also receive Gold, Silver and Bronze rewards from the Medley Festival. You are more likely to receive Gold and Silver rewards for completing the Medley Festival on higher difficulties.
    • Additional Notes
      • Your Stamina and combo string will get carried over to the next song if you play more than one song.
      • If you fail to complete a medley, you will not receive the completion rewards and receive little or no Event Pts.
    • Event Songs
      • Selected randomly every time you play.
      • If you play more than one song, all consecutive songs will be of the same attribute as the first song.
      • If you play more than one song, the same songs will not be repeated for the duration of that medley session.
      • There are eight different songs per attribute on each difficulty levels (EXPERT songs are slightly different).

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Featured Article

Aozora Jumping Heart

Aozora Jumping Heart
Aozora Jumping Heart (青空Jumping Heart lit. Blue Sky Jumping Heart) is Aqours' third single as well as the Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 1 anime's opening song, starting from Season 1 Episode 1 onwards. It was released on July 20, 2016.

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Featured Video
Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou01:41

Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou

Love Live! Sunshine!! Anime Ending Song
Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou

Love Live! Sunshine!! anime is here~!

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