Landing action Yeah
Landing action Yeah!!
Single by Aqours
Released June 30, 2017
Format CD
Recorded 2017
Label Lantis

Landing action Yeah!! is the theme song for Aqours' Next Step! Project.

It will be released on June 30, 2017 in a special Aqours CLUB CD SET containing a CD with 11 versions of the song, including original, off vocal and solo mixed of every Aqours member, a serial code for the Aqours CLUB, Aqours CLUB Official Goods (Pin badge, passport, 24-page mini photo book), and a specially illustrated CD jacket.

The song is written by Hata Aki, composed by Mitsumasu Hajime and arranged by TAKAROT.

Track Listing

Regular Edition


  1. Landing action Yeah!!
  2. Landing action Yeah!! (Off Vocal)
  3. Landing action Yeah!! (Takami Chika Solo Ver.)
  4. Landing action Yeah!! (Sakurauchi Riko Solo Ver.)
  5. Landing action Yeah!! (Matsuura Kanan Solo Ver.)
  6. Landing action Yeah!! (Kurosawa Dia Solo Ver.)
  7. Landing action Yeah!! (Watanabe You Solo Ver.)
  8. Landing action Yeah!! (Tsushima Yoshiko Solo Ver.)
  9. Landing action Yeah!! (Kunikida Hanamaru Solo Ver.)
  10. Landing action Yeah!! (Ohara Mari Solo Ver.)
  11. Landing action Yeah!! (Kurosawa Ruby Solo Ver.)


Aqours Next Step! Project Theme Song "Landing action Yeah!!" PV02:00

Aqours Next Step! Project Theme Song "Landing action Yeah!!" PV


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No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Landing action Yeah!!
02 Landing action Yeah!! (Off Vocal)

No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Landing action Yeah!! (Chika)
02 Landing action Yeah!! (Riko)
03 Landing action Yeah!! (Kanan)
04 Landing action Yeah!! (Dia)
05 Landing action Yeah!! (You)
06 Landing action Yeah!! (Yoshiko)
07 Landing action Yeah!! (Hanamaru)
08 Landing action Yeah!! (Mari)
09 Landing action Yeah!! (Ruby)


Landing action kyou wa doko de
Kimi to asobou kana
Saa min'na de go and dance!!

Doko ni itemo kokoro hitotsu ni narou
Itsumo negatteru sore wa onaji dayone?
Sara ni tsuyoi kizuna wakachi aitai na
Souda me no mae de kimi o mite itai

Issho ni jump! Motto takaku ne jump!
Yatto aeru kara karuku natchau ne
Karada mo kimochi mo Yeah!!

Tooku kara kikoeta yo
Koko ni oide tte
Dare no koe ka wa wakaranai
Demo kikoeta yo madamada
Ippai aru nda hanashitai koto
Matteru dake ja tsutawaranai
Dakara asobou koko de asobou
Kyou wa asobou!

Landing action 今日はどこで
さぁみんなで go and dance!!

どこにいても こころ一つになろう
いつも願ってる それは同じだよね?
更に強い絆 分かち合いたいな
そうだ 目の前で君を見ていたい

一緒に jump! もっと高くね jump!
やっと会えるから 軽くなっちゃうね
体も 気持ちも Yeah!!

遠くから 聞こえたよ
誰の声かは わからない
でも聞こえたよ まだまだ
いっぱいあるんだ 話したいこと
だから遊ぼう ここで遊ぼう

Where should our landing action be, today?
Will I be able to play with you?
So, everyone, let’s go and dance!!

No matter where we go, let our hearts become one.
What we wish for is always the same, right?
Furthermore, I want to share our strong bonds.
That’s right, I want to look at you right in front of me.

Let’s jump together! And jump a little higher!
I finally became a lot lighter because I met you
Both our bodies and our feelings make a “Yeah!!”

From far away, I hear it,
“Come over here.”
Even though I don’t know whose voice it is,
I hear it loud and clear.
There’s still tons of things I want to talk about.
If I just wait, it’ll never be conveyed.
So, let’s play over here;
Let’s play today!



  • This is the first Love Live! Sunshine!! song to have solo mixes bundled with the CD.


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