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Kurosawa Ruby
Sunshine!! infobox - Kurosawa Ruby
Kanji 黒澤ルビィ
Romaji Kurosawa Ruby
Year First Year
Birthday September 21 (Virgo)
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Height 154 cm
Three Sizes B 76, W 56, H 79
Favorite Food French Fries
Sweet Potatoes
Disliked Food Wasabi
First Appearance
Debut Season 1 Episode 1
Japanese Voice Actress/Actor
Kanji 降幡愛
Romaji Furihata Ai
English Voice Actress/Actor
Name Sarah Wiedenheft

Kurosawa Ruby is one of the nine main characters of Love Live! Sunshine!!. She is a first year in Uranohoshi Girls' High School. Her image color is magenta. She is a member of CYaRon!, a sub-unit under Aqours.


Ruby is a first-year student who is almost always nearby her good friend, Hanamaru.

She has an elder sister, who is Kurosawa Dia.


Ruby has never talked to any males besides her father before, so she has always been bad at dealing with the male gender. She is fearful and easily upset, but still has a tough interior, forged by her role as a girl in a rich, well-known family.

She also seems to refer to herself in the third-person from time to time, just like her best friend Hanamaru. Ruby displays an admiration for pop idols, despite coming from a traditional family. She shared this interest with her sister Dia.

Clubs and Hobbies

Her hobbies are needlework and clothing. Her talent is in coordinating outfits. Alongside Watanabe You, she is also Aqours' wardrobe supervisor.

Other Data

Note: Dengeki G's Magazine is a monthly magazine that is part of the Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!! multimedia projects. As it is usually the first source of news for all major projects under these titles, its monthly sections will detail how the project has progressed over time. The issues are usually published a month ahead of time. For example, the July 2010 issue would've been released on 30th May 2010.
Official Introduction from Website[1]
Sunshine!! character intro - Kurosawa Ruby

Everyone, n-n-n-n-n--- nice to meet you!!! I-I am Ku-Kurosawa Ruby--- Oww, s-sorry, this time I over-strained myself and bit my tongue--- Aah~, what should I do, what should I do, I don't know--- Uh, uhm, actually up until now, I've never talked to any males besides my father before. That's why I've always been weak towards males--- But I've always, always loved idols, and always wanted to become one--- I've never imagined that someone like me could become an idol but, I've decided that I absolutely couldn't let this chance slip away from me. So even though I'm terribly nervous today, I'll do my best to ignore it! Ruby is terribly frightened right now but I love everyone---! Please support Ruby---!!!

Official Translation[2]

Sunshine!! translated character intro - Kurosawa Ruby
Character Introduction (September 2015)[3]
Dengeki G's Magazine Sep 2015 Kurosawa Ruby Scan

Character Introduction

Ruby really loves idols♡
They're cute, beautiful, wonderful, and dazzling--- Ruby thinks they're great at everything!
That's why, since childhood, Ruby had always, always been a great fan of many idols with all her heart but---
Ruby's parents are really strict, and only allows Ruby to watch the NHK news on the house's television.
Before this, Ruby would secretly sneak out of bed in the middle of the night--- If Mom catches Ruby watching music shows she would get really mad--- But the channel happens to be the same as NHK by chance, so Ruby would hurriedly pretend to have mistaken it for a history show--- Somehow it ended up being safe~ Phew---
Ruby still cried a little, though.
And just like this, it was really tough for Ruby to even be an ordinary idol fan.
That's why, for such a Ruby--- to have encountered the chance to become the real thing, a school idol, it's almost like a dream come true---
Uwaah, it's really, really just like a dream!
Even though Ruby had tried pinching her cheeks over and over again-- ow ow owww!
See, it's really not a dream--- Ruby's so happy!
So happy that Ruby is splashing about for joy~!
Uh, woaaaah--- Oops, Ruby almost fell into the sea but--- barely made it!
Ruby often bounces and splashes about just like this, so Sis always scolds Ruby with "Ruby has no composure at all".
Ruby knows that about herself too, but to be always clever and beautiful and poised--- Sis can do anything and simply has no equal.
But even for such a Ruby, if she really becomes an idol, if there ever was someone who could tell her that she's cute--- Ruby's been thinking along these lines.
And that's why, until Ruby becomes a full-fledged school idol, she definitely can't afford to fall into the sea and drown here!!
For that sake, Ruby will fight hard and overcome her greatest weakness of androphobia for sure--- Aaaah, what should Ruby do, just by thinking of that, somehow her heart is beating really fast~! Ruby might fall into the sea after all...

Typical off-day schedule
Time Activity
7:30am: Wake up
8:00am: Breakfast (I made sis mad by getting up late)
10:00am: Koto practice (My feet went numb...)
12:00pm: Lunch
1:00pm: Meet with Maru-chan♪
2:00pm: Date at Numazu City♡ (Shopping!)
5:00pm: Talking while taking a walk on the beach~☆
7:00pm: Go home (I made sis mad by coming home late)
8:00pm: Forcibly detain Maru-chan to stay for dinner!
9:00pm: Take a bath
10:00pm: Be overjoyed at Maru-chan having to stay over due to how late it's gotten!
10:30pm: Fall asleep
Aqours After School Talk - Ruby[4]
Dengeki G's Aqours Afterschool Talk Ruby

Caption: Like this, will you be able to tell if Ruby is a school idol too? Right now, Ruby is so happy that her heart is pounding out of her chest♡

Uwah~ What should Ruby do, what should Ruby do, what should Ruby do......
Ruby has really become a school idol!!!
Ruby's heart is so full of emotions and is pounding so hard--- It feels a bit like Ruby might just drop dead any moment♡
But, dying now is definitely something that can't possibly be done, right!
After all, after all, after all--- that which Ruby had really really hoped for, always and always--- All the way since childhood, it's the moment when Ruby has become a school idol♡♡♡
And also, from here on out, Ruby will do her best with all her heart, practice lots and lots for both singing and dancing---
If Ruby could--- Really, even just a short while is fine, Ruby really wants to stand on a real stage and be seen by everyone.
And also, if anyone was to tell Ruby "Ruby-chan, do your best!"--- Ruby would feel the greatest bliss she could!!!

Aqours's Gallery (November 2015)[5]
Dengeki G's Magazine Nov 2015 Yoshiko Ruby Hanamaru


U, uwah, a, aaahhh---
Ru-Ruby, is about to slip up again---
Or so Ruby thought, but barely made it safely...
Doki doki♡
That's good, since Ruby was given this rare chance to wear such a cute costume, and if it were to get soaked all of a sudden, Ruby would definitely break down crying--- so that's good!
Today, for the sake of promoting Aqours' long-awaited song, we came to have our photo taken in our costumes♡
The very first costume from our very first song!
These costumes were even cuter than anything that was ever dreamed up by Ruby who absolutely loves idols--- When they were done, Ruby was so happy that she felt like crying!!
Actually, the truth is that Ruby ended up crying a lot, dirtying the freshly-made costumes and making Sis really mad, though---
That's why, at today's photo-shoot--- for the sake of not losing to this cute costume, just for today, Ruby won't be clumsy and will somehow put all her heart into being cool and trying her best--- sparkling like a real idol, and show everyone her greatest smile! Or so Ruby thought on the way here but---
At this rate, Ruby might just end up reverting back to her usual hopeless self--- Uwaaa, Ruby will have to try even harder and harder from here onwards---!!!

Aqours's Gallery (December 2015)[6]
Dengeki G's Magazine Dec 2015 Ruby

Caption: I'm sorry I'm sorry--- I won't do anything bad anymore, so God, please help me---

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry---
Wha, what should I do--- it's barking so loudly---
Did Ruby do something bad? I'm sorry--- God, Ruby definitely won't do anything bad anymore, and will listen to Sis, and will be a good girl from here onwards, so please save Ruby---

He- hey hey hey, puppy, uhm--- I, Ruby, no matter what, I have to pass through here to get to school or it'll be terrible, ah, uhh, today's actually Aqours' practice but--- hya, hyaaaaaaa!!
It started barking again---
The tail is wagging so vigorously---
It must be really mad. What should I do? As expected, this must definitely be divine punishment for sneakily eating Dia's ice-cream yesterday--- Uwaah, my legs are frozen and I can't move at all--- Sis, hurry and come save me~!!

Aqours 1st Center Election

Appealing For Votes[5]
Caption: Ruby will give her tiny heart entirely to everyone---

Uhm, Ruby is--- chibi, not that good at dancing, and sings with a wavery voice---. But, uhm, as expected!! After becoming a school idol!!! --- Uwaaa~~n!!!! As expected, Ruby wants to try being the center~! Of course, Ruby knows that she definitely absolutely will be hopeless at it, but, even so, Ruby won't give up and will work hard! No matter whether it's singing or dancing, from here onwards, Ruby will practice more and more, and work hard at smiling, and then definitely--- Even if this round doesn't work out, Ruby will aim to always grow and mature♡

Results Comments: 2nd Place[6]
Caption: Being second is so amazing it almost seems like a lie♡ I might have used up all my life's share of luck for this result---

Uwaa~n!! Everyone, really really--- thank you so much!!!! When Ruby first heard that she was second, she couldn't stop crying--- She was so deeply touched that she cried a lot, and ended up not being able to eat dinner♡ This is the happiest day of Ruby's life. Thank you for giving Ruby this bliss♡ Ruby will reply with the best smile she can!

Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM
Dengeki G's Magazine Apr 2016 KoiAqua Ruby Riko

Costume Reveal[7]
Caption: Ruby is your small, pink, tropical fish♡

Ruby is small in both body and heart, cowardly and timid, and doesn't have a firm grasp on things like everyone else--- but, *sparkles*, Ruby will become a small, pink, tropical fish swimming with trembling fins, and wait in her small aquarium every day for you to come home♡ If it's something like that, even Ruby could do it♪ Even though Ruby has a small and unreliable heart, she'll sing with all her spirit, so it would make Ruby happy if you could listen to her song!

Dengeki G's Magazine May 2016 You Riko Ruby

Purchase Bonus Art[8]
Caption: The gentle spring breeze makes Ruby's tiny chest swell up with emotion♡

What Ruby had always, always liked since childhood are--- the cute idols on the other side of the television!! I've always, always yearned to be like them♡ That's why my first love was idols--- To this Ruby who managed to at least become a school idol, the present feels like I've had that first love's dream come true, and every day is extremely exciting♪ As much as I can, I'll put in my best and work hard at being cute in the new song!

OUR PRIVATE LIFE (May 2016)[8]
Dengeki G's Magazine May 2016 Ruby You

Kurosawa Ruby
Caption: Uwaaa~, sorry, Ruby might just drown at this rate---

Haa, haa---
Hii, hii---
Ruby, can't carry on anymore---
I will really go bloop-bloop-bloop and drown--- You-chan, can you go easy on me?
But as expected, since I'm using a kick-board--- Ruby might not sink even though it seems like she might?...
Uwaa, I'm at my limit~!!
Since childhood, Ruby was never good at sports---.
Especially since we live in a seaside town, swimming is really popular, so obviously everyone can swim--- Only Ruby can't swim very well.
It's been really terrible.
Being teased by everyone, or being asked why I can't swim---
Whenever it's the season for pool lessons, I'm always overthinking things like whether it'll end soon, or whether I can somehow skip class---
In the end, I made it all the way to high school while still being unable to swim, but the classes here, it's fine even if you can't swim so long as you try your best, so it's become a lot easier for me. Or so I thought---.
But just like Yohane-chan said, once it's summer, our Aqours' PV may have swimming scenes, so I have to start working hard now, or else I definitely, definitely won't make it in time, right? So with that in mind, today, I asked the daring high-diver athlete You-chan to be my coach but---.
Uwaaa~!! As I thought, she's way too uptight about this~!
You-chan is a surprisingly demonic coach.
This might as well have been the same as if I had asked Big Sis...

Aqours Big Reveal: Member Introductions (Q&A) (June 2016)[9]
Dengeki G's Magazine June 2016 Q&A Yoshiko Hanamaru Ruby

Caption: I want everyone to look at Ruby's prized idol smile!♪

What is the charm of being a school idol?
You know, being a school idol is really like being an idol♡ Really like an actual, true idol!!! Ruby had always loved idols since childhood, so just being able to become an idol like this, this moment is the greatest♪ And also--- Ah, lately I've gotten a bit better at dancing♡ I want everyone to see it♡♡

What are the good points about Uranohoshi Girls' High School?
For Ruby, my favorite part is Ura Girls' sailor uniform♡♡ Big Sis entered the school earlier so ever since I saw her wear it, I've always thought that it was great and cool--- Does it suit Ruby? It would be great if it suits me♡ It would be great if someday, someone entered the school like me after seeing this uniform♪

Aqours DIARY: Everyone's Diary (October 2016)[10]
Dengeki G's Mag Oct 2016 Ruby

Caption: Uwaah, I overslept--- Big Sis left me behind again~!!


The sound of the ringing alarm-clocks in my room is always super extra loud.
I picked such a large alarm-clock with this special volume--- It was something I bought on purpose.
After all---
I'm always bad with getting up in the mornings.
Ruby is the master of oversleeping...
Uwaah!! What should I do, I won't make it in time for school now--- sob.

I'm sure Big Sis knew I overslept, but she left ahead of me again---.
Sob. So cold.
Just a little bit.
Just a lit-tle bit is fine, it would be great if she could wake me up--- that's what I think.
But well, if I say that, then Big Sis would say---
"I already called you three times! But you would always just jolt without waking up the slightest bit. I would feel bad for waking you up when you're sleeping so soundly--- so I left first, you know?"
She would say that with the widest smile on her face......
It's something that I rarely get to see, that prized smile on her beautiful face.
This is just something I think occasionally, that---
The devil's incarnation isn't Yohane-chan, but actually my Big Sis---.

Aaaaaaah, another five minutes passed while I was thinking about all that!
I'll have to change without eating breakfast!!
Uwaaaaah, but what should I do, now I can't find my uniform's skirt~~!!
Ruby... might not be able to make it to school today... sob.

Aqours's Gallery (January 2017)[11]
Dengeki G's Mag Jan 2017 Ruby

Caption:I always work hard with all I have during practice!! Because I want to be an idol I wouldn't be ashamed of---

I'm bad with exercise.
Whether it's the back hip circle, the jumping rope or the vaulting box--- I'm always the last in the class to become able to do it.
Ah--- Sorry. That's not entirely true.
If I were to tell the truth, I'm still unable to do the back hip circle--- Ah, but really, I was able to do it once, you know?
When we were learning it in Physical Education classes back during elementary school--- We weren't quite able to learn how to do it, so Maru-chan and I ended up being held back after classes numerous times--- And then in the end, I was finally able to do it with the assistance of a towel---.
But then in the following year, I became unable to do it again...
But even though I'm like this---.
Right now, I'm really trying my best at exercise--- Since last week, I've started running and doing sit-ups in the mornings♡ Though I keep it a secret from Big Sis.

After all--- You know.
It's all because I want to properly dance Aqours' dances---.
I love idols, and have always, always aspired to become one--- but honestly, when I was imitating them I don't think I was ever this serious.
If I had to choose, I'm more interested in the cute costumes--- I'm always only thinking about the frills and ribbons--- But then I ended up trying out becoming an actual school idol with that mindset. As expected--- I came to understand that dances are extremely important to idols.
Of course we all have our strengths and weaknesses, someone with dull motor reflexes like me might never ever be able to perform sharp dance moves like You-chan but--- But still.
No matter how bad I am at it--- I think a performance with insufficient practice is entirely different from one with enough practice.
Even though I'm bad at this, since there are fans of Aqours who would go to the trouble of watching us, I don't want to show them a miserable performance with insufficient practice.
I want to smile even if I'm bad at dancing♡
I want everyone to see a sparkling performance--- so I'll do my best at dance practice today too!
Aqours is the first activity I've really wanted to do in my life--- I want to treasure it♡

Dengeki G's Mag Mar 2017 HAPPY PARTY TRAIN Bonus Art 2

Travel Comments[12]

I love idols a lot, and so I want to go see the idol stages all over Japan~!! I’m sure it’ll be an exciting trip from the very first step♪ The way to the idol stages is a shining road of the stars! I want to shine soon too~♡

Places I would like to travel to: Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

Aqours DIARY: Everyone's Diary (April 2017)[13]
Dengeki G's Mag Apr 2017 Ruby

Caption: Challenge with preparing to go on a trip

Spring break determination !!

I will not turn away anymore !!

It finally came-- the spring holiday is here.

To Ruby--There was something that I always thought of for a long time!

Well, that is--.

To travel !!!


Ah, of course I will not be away from home ♡

I won't run away-- Ruby does not have that kind of courage--.

If there is going to be a big dog outside Ashashi, what should I think, if I think about this, I will not be confident any more --.

However, there was nothing.

Ruby, if you say something, should you just say that your house is very nice and your sister is very honorable too?

That's why, I hope I can see something like Ruby's favorite idol, fashionable stuff, Noh things, and more!

Aqours DIARY: Everyone's Diary (June 2017)[14]
Dengeki G's Magazine June 2017 Ruby


Question & Answer Corner
What made you realize that you wanted to become an idol?[3]

Asked by ハマチャさん @Twitter
Ever since I was little, I've always loved the idols on television--- By the time I had realized it, I was already completely hooked! So maybe there wasn't anything in particular that made me realize it. According to sis, even when Ruby was still 0 years old and unable to speak, I already liked idol dolls. Ehehe--- I loved idols ever since I was born!

Between tall guys and short guys, which do you prefer?![3]
Asked by 黒澤ルビィ親衛隊隊長さん @Twitter (The mailer name literally means "Captain of Kurosawa Ruby's Royal Guard")

About that, Ruby would be nervous either way--- Having said that, ah, it's a bit different... Uh, uhhhhhhm--- If Ruby tries imagining a guy standing in front of her--- she thinks she would definitely become terribly nervous no matter what, so she thinks she has no preference!! No matter whether he's tall or short, as long as he's kind to Ruby she would be happy, she thinks...

When playing with your Sis, what are the times you have the most fun?[15]
Asked by あずーるさん @Twitter

No, Sis is different from Ruby in that she's always busy, so lately the two of us haven't really played together, but hmm--- If it's with Sis, it's probably games that don't make her mad♡ Uwaa~n!! I mean, ever since Ruby was small, even if it was a game of tag, whenever Ruby caught her she would become mad~! Ah, if it's now Ruby wants to go sing karaoke♪ That might be alright with Sis☆

Please tell me about the fun and difficult parts of making costumes![10]
Asked by あがりえさん

Every part is a fun part!!! After all, if I think about cute idol costumes, I can't help but always get really absorbed into it happily♡ The troubling part is that there's never enough money and--- probably me making the teacher mad by spacing out in class? But they don't really care that much so it's fine♪

Is there anything you've received from your sister Dia-chan that you've treasured up to this day?[10]
Asked by ともちさん

Big Sis always absolutely never shares her snacks with me, nor helps me with homework, but--- When I once lost my wallet in school, she searched high and low for it together with me all the way into the night--- The pink bear mascot she attached to my wallet that time is one of Ruby's treasures♡

Are you the type who finishes their summer vacation homework at the start, or leaves it until the end?[10]
Asked by ゆっぺさん

Ah---. .... I wish I hadn't gotten that question--- Ah, ahahahahaha♡ Ah, uhm, though Big Sis would definitely be the kind to have it completed a long time ago--- but I, wou- wouldn't have done so... Ah, but Maru-chan would invite me to complete it together on the very last day! That's why it's fine! It's definitely, definitely fine... right?

Normally, what kind of things do you talk about with your best friend Maru-chan?[10]
Asked by 松海鳳さん

With Maru-chan huh--- Things like schoolwork, what we saw on television the day before, sweets we've been interested in lately, fashion--- Stuff like those, I guess? Ah, and also the stray cat which has been coming to the bus-stop's embankment every day lately♡ I like gazing at the sky together on the embankment♪

Did you ever wish you were the elder sister instead? If so, when were those times?[10]
Asked by 大トロさん

That's something I thought many, many times when I was a child~! Whether it was studies, sports or extra lessons--- it was always Big Sis who could perform well, while I had nothing but failures. It's unfair! When we got new clothes of different colors, the good colors would always go to Big Sis. If I were the elder sister, I would definitely have grown taller too♡

After becoming a high school student, do you want to proactively attend school idol concerts?[10]
Asked by 野菜さん

I want to go I want to go I want to goooo!! ♡ I have always, always been aspiring towards Tokyo--- I'm sure if if I saw a real school idol concert, I would end up crying♡ At that time I would definitely hold Maru-chan's hand tightly so we don't end up getting lost or kidnapped!!

If you were to keep a pet, what would it be?[11]
Asked by ハマチャさん

I'm absolutely terrified of dogs so--- maybe a cat? Ah, but then if it got mad and lashed out with its claws with a snarl that would be scary too... What should I pick. Something smaller--- I know, a rabbit might be great♡ It doesn't bark or bite, and doesn't scratch--- I want to sleep together with a fluffy and kind rabbit♪ ♪♡☆


LL!SS!! Aqours Special Monologue Show 【Part 9 Kurosawa Ruby】03:15

LL!SS!! Aqours Special Monologue Show 【Part 9 Kurosawa Ruby】

Eng Sub LL!SS!! Aqours Valentine's Message 【Kurosawa Ruby】01:45

Eng Sub LL!SS!! Aqours Valentine's Message 【Kurosawa Ruby】

Eng Sub LL!SS!! Aqours New Year's Special Message 【Kurosawa Ruby】00:59

Eng Sub LL!SS!! Aqours New Year's Special Message 【Kurosawa Ruby】


Does not work on iPad, or any medium that does not support the .ogg audio format.
No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Greetings from Kurosawa Ruby[16] 3:14
Ruby Hajimemashite no Goaisatsu


Ep. Title
01 "I Want to Shine!!"
(輝きたい!! "Kagayakitai!!")
LLSS S1Ep1 098
In Episode 1, Uranohoshi Girls' High School student Takami Chika discovered the school idol group μ's while trying to catch a runaway flyer. Having had looked for something to devote her all to for a long time, she was inspired and decided to form her own school idol group.

With help from her friend Watanabe You, Chika tried to gather members at the school entrance ceremony, without any response from the student body. You and Chika then encountered first year students Kurosawa Ruby and Kunikida Hanamaru, and Chika tried to interest them in joining the school idol club. Tsushima Yoshiko suddenly interrupted the conversation and Hanamaru recognized her from kindergarten. Yoshiko ran off with the other two first years chasing her, and Chika proclaimed she would recruit them later.

02 "Catch the Transfer Student!"
(転校生をつかまえろ! "Tenkousei o Tsukamaero!")
LLSS S1Ep2 088
In Episode 2, Chika and You met Hanamaru and Ruby again, luring the shy Ruby out of hiding using a lollipop. Chika learned Yoshiko had not been at school after running out of class on the first day, and that Dia is Ruby’s older sister.
03 "First Step"
(ファーストステップ "Faasuto Suteppu")
LLSS S1Ep3 207
In Episode 3, Chika met Ruby and Hanamaru after their trip to a bookstore. After receiving a flyer from Chika, Ruby asked what their school idol group's name was.

Before their concert, Aqours worried about people not attending due to the rain. They laughed it off and stood behind the stage's curtain, hand in hand. However, when the curtains raised, they only had a small group of audience. Included in the audience were Mari, Ruby, Hanamaru, and a disguised Yoshiko. Despite this, they continued their concert and performed "Daisuki dattara Daijoubu!" while Kanan and Dia listened from outside the gym.

04 "Two Girls' Feelings"
(ふたりのキモチ "Futari no Kimochi")
LLSS S1Ep4 188
In episode 4, Hanamaru explained how she came to love reading, using it as a way to deal with her loneliness, and how she met Ruby.

Chika, Riko and You entered the library to return books they had found while cleaning up, just as Ruby was excitedly telling Hanamaru the news of the school idol club officially being formed. Once again, Chika tried recruiting the duo as school idols.

As soon as they were alone, Hanamaru asked Ruby if she wanted to become a school idol. Ruby declined, saying she cannot like things her sister cannot stand, and that she was okay not being a school idol if Hanamaru was not interested.

Dia was seen lovingly looking at Ruby as she was reading about idols, Ruby herself reminiscing about the times they both liked idols.

Met by a very excited Chika, Ruby and Hanamaru started a trial period as members of the school idol club, saying they would join if they liked it. Short of a place to practice, the school idol club ended up taking their dance practice to the rooftop, inspired by μ's.

When Hanamaru struggled running up the stairs during stamina practice, Ruby stopped and suggested they run together. Hanamaru told Ruby she should care more about her own feelings, and exhorted Ruby to go on without her. To herself, Hanamaru thought about how her own dream was to let the light of Ruby’s aspirations and dreams out and shine in all the corners of the world.

While Ruby and the school idol club were celebrating having reached the top, Hanamaru met with Dia and told her to pay more attention to what Ruby had to say about her feelings.

After Ruby officially joined the school idol club, she confronted Hanamaru at the library. Ruby explained how she suspected that Hanamaru went along just because she thought being a school idol was something Ruby wanted to do, but that she also thought maybe Hanamaru was interested herself, too. Ruby drew a parallell to Hoshizora Rin also thinking she was not fit to be a school idol, and admitted she had always wanted to become a school idol with Hanamaru. Hanamaru finally agreed to become a school idol after Riko, You and Chika entered the library, Chika saying what matters is the will to do it, rather than your skills.

05 "Yohane Descends"
(ヨハネ堕天 "Yohane Daten")
LLSS S1Ep5 162
In episode 5, The school idol club, now with five members, were looking at their ranking and comments online. Hanamaru was revealed to never have seen a computer before, due to living in a temple without many electronics. The members of Aqours wondered how they could stand out more in order to raise their popularity.

Wimpering in the school idol clubroom, Yoshiko explained she knew she was not a fallen angel and wanted to be a normal high school student. Chika, on the other hand, got the idea of fallen angel idols as a way to make them stand out more. Therefore, she asked Yoshiko if she wanted to become a school idol, addressing her as “Fallen Angel Yohane-chan”.

Much to Dia’s dismay, the school idol club uploaded a fallen angel themed video online using their new costumes. Dia showed the Aqours members that the inital boost in rankings the video had gotten them was already declining and their rank was dropping. This broke the spirits of the school idols, causing Chika to second guess their trying to be like μ's and Yoshiko to once again say she wanted to be a normal high schooler and quit the school idol club.

The day after Hanamaru made the other Aqours members understand why Yoshiko had wanted to be a fallen angel in the first place, they confronted Yoshiko wearing their new costumes and asked if she wanted to join Aqours as the fallen angel Yohane. Chika yelled to the fleeing Yoshiko that she was fine the way she was and that μ's got so popular due to their being themselves and not caring about what others thought. After being assured all the members of the school idol club were okay with her antics, Yoshiko accepted their offer and joined.

06 "Let's Make a PV"
(PVを作ろう "PV o Tsukurou")
LLSS S1Ep6 223
In episode 6, news of the school possibly being closed and merged with a school in Numazu reached Chika, and she was overjoyed to be put in a similar situation to the one μ's faced, becoming motivated to do more school idol activities in order to save the school. After some careful thinking, Aqours decided to create a promotional video, with the purpose of showing people what made their small town Uchiura a great place. They all went out to film, but most of the things the group could come up with seemed quite unimpressive after reconsideration. The group gathered at a café to think things through, and Chika realized that what they had at their current school was something special she did not want to lose.

Showing the chairwoman their promotional video, Mari told Chika and the rest of Aqours that they did not know what it was that made their town and their school great. After Mari proclaimed she knew better herself, Chika decided not to ask about it, considering it something they had to figure out for themselves for it to be worth something.

On her way to the clubroom Chika spotted Dia on stage in the empty auditorium. While she did decline Chika’s offer of joining the school idol club, Dia stated she was happy that they wanted to save the school. As Dia was leaving the room, Ruby stopped Chika from calling out to her, and a flashback showed the third years seemingly right before a school idol performance. Mari showed up and told Dia you can’t run away, only move forward, but Dia denied she had been trying to run away.

In accordance with Uchiura tradition, all the town members gathered early in the morning of the first day of beach season to make and release floating lanterns. Riko, for whom it was the first time experiencing the tradition, talked about how she didn’t realize there were so many people living in the town and suggested that maybe that was the special thing about Uchiura and Uranohoshi Girls’ High School. Hearing this, Chika gathered everyone’s attention and introduced Aqours, saying they needed the help of everyone in town to save their school. "Yume de Yozora o Terashitai" was performed as an insert song by the currently six Aqours members, thus concluding the episode.

07 "TOKYO"
LLSS S1Ep7 056
In episode 7, the members of Aqours realized that their PV had boosted their popularity enough to push them into the top one hundred school idol groups. Because of this, they were invited to perform at an event in Tokyo.

When Ruby sought permission for the trip from her sister, Dia hesitated at first but eventually agreed, encouraging Ruby not to care what someone else thought.

Getting to Tokyo, the school idol club (sans transfer student Riko) tried not to let on that they were from the country side, without much success. After getting temporarily separated, Aqours paid a visit to Kanda Shrine, and got excited about running up the same stairs that μ's once used for stamina practice.

Once they reached the top of the stairs, Chika heard Kazuno Sarah and Kazuno Leah singing “SELF CONTROL!!”. Although the two girls were strangers to Chika and the rest of Aqours, Sarah recognized them from their PV and asked if they were in Tokyo for the upcoming event. The Saint Snow members then left, leaving Aqours impressed with their acrobatics and singing skills.

The next day, Chika went out for a run and visited the place where she first found out about school idols, UTX High School. There, the rest of Aqours caught up with her and the six of them saw the next Love Live! competition being announced on the screen of the UTX building. Aqours decided they wanted to enter the competition.

At the event location, the Aqours members were surprised to find out the girls they had met at Kanda Shrine were school idols, too. Sarah introduced herself, and the episode ended just as Saint Snow were to take the stage.

08 "Isn't it Frustrating?"
(くやしくないの? "Kuyashikunai no?")
LLSS S1Ep8 153
In episode 8, Saint Snow performed “SELF CONTROL!!” on stage at a school idol event in Tokyo. After all the school idol groups invited had performed, neither Aqours nor Saint Snow were announced as one of the winners. In spite of their loss, Chika talked about how it was Aqours’ best performance yet. The other members, on the other hand, worried about how far from being top idols they were.

Having been given the results of the audience poll used to rank the groups at the event, Aqours learned that they not only placed last, but also got zero votes. Approached by Saint Snow, Aqours was complimented on their performance but told they might be better off giving up competing in Love Live! by Sarah, and warned not to take Love Live! lightly by a crying Leah.

On the train ride back to Numazu, five quite depressed Aqours members and one seemingly less depressed Chika discussed Saint Snow’s statements. Once they arrived they were greeted by Uranohoshi Girls’ High School students, relieved and happy to hear it was the group’s best performance so far. When Dia arrived at the scene, Ruby ran into her arms, crying.

Dia talked to Aqours about their placing last, saying she was afraid it would happen, considering how tough the school idol scene had gotten. She explained how she, Mari and Kanan formed a school idol group two years back, but were unable to sing at the very same event, overwhelmed by the other groups’ performances and the atmosphere.

Riko followed Chika to the beach, who, after holding all of her feelings in for a long time, finally allowed herself to cry and let out her frustration about all of their hard work not bearing fruit. When Chika said she thought it would make the other members sad if she allowed herself to be sad, Riko pointed to the rest of Aqours and said that no one joined for Chika’s sake, it was a decision they all made on their own. The sun’s rays hit the six girls standing in the water as they decided to try to turn their zero into a one.

09 "Young DREAMER"
LLSS S1Ep9 210
In episode 9, the six members of Aqours tried to figure out what to do for the upcoming summer festival. Chika wondered what made Kanan (who had been evasive when Chika asked her about it) quit being a school idol since she did not think it was like Kanan to quit just because of one failure. Ruby revealed she had heard Dia speaking to Mari back then, saying neither Dia nor Kanan were running away.

On one of her early morning walks Kanan was followed by the school idol club, who overheard Kanan and Mari talking about Kanan’s returning to school. However, Kanan said she was not going to become a school idol again and that she did not want to talk to Mari any more.

At school, Kanan and Mari got into a heated argument, which made Chika burst into the room and yell at them to break it up, and to come to the club room of the school idol club after school. There, Kanan continued to claim that the fact she could not sing in Tokyo was the reason she had quit being a school idol. Once she had left the room, the other girls pushed Dia into revealing that Kanan didn’t sing at the event to prevent Mari from performing with an injury, and that she quit being a school idol because she didn’t want Mari turning down other opportunities.

Aqours convinced Dia to join them, Chika saying they’d all help out if juggling school idol duties and student council president duties got too much, and Ruby handing her a stage costume. All nine girls performed “Mijuku DREAMER” as an insert song, and Dia turned out to be the one who wrote “Aqours” in the sand, it being the same name the third years’ previous idol group had.

10 "We've Got Stewshine"
(シャイ煮はじめました "Shai-ni Hajimemashita")
LLSS S1Ep10 110
In episode 10, summer vacation began for the now nine members of Aqours. Summer is the season of the Love Live! competition, and Dia had somehow managed to get her hands on the training schedule μ's used when they were active. Since Kanan and Chika had been asked to help run a snack bar on the beach, the members decided to camp at the Takami family inn in order to make time for practice.

Initially intimidated by a competing snack bar on the beach, Dia quickly took charge and assigned tasks once she recieved encouragement from Mari. Riko, Chika and Kanan begun advertising in order to draw in customers, seemingly somewhat unwillingly. Meanwhile, You, Yoshiko and Mari started cooking the food.

With everyone exhausted after attempting to train the way μ's did, they all sat down to eat Mari’s Stewshine and Yoshiko’s Tears of a Fallen Angel takoyaki that hadn’t sold during the day.

Aqours’ second day of managing the snack bar wasn’t all too successful either, but everyone enjoyed the curry You made using both Mari’s and Yoshiko’s culinary creations. Dia tried to hold a lesson on Love Live! history, but it was cut short due to Chika’s sister Mito thinking they were being too loud.

11 "Aye-aye, My Friend"
(友情ヨーソロー "Yuujou Yousoro")
LLSS S1Ep11 194
In episode 11, all the members of Aqours saw Riko off as she left for Tokyo to compete in a piano competition that would take place the same day as the regional Love Live! qualifiers. They made the promise to sing together on the same stage next time.

As “special practice”, Dia got the eight of them to help clean up the school’s pool, and once they finished they decided to practice their dance in the empty pool. With Riko missing, Aqours needed to adjust their formation, and opted for You to fill in Riko’s spot.

Chika and You struggled to find harmony in their dance, Chika being accustomed to the way Riko performed the dance moves. They had just made it through the part they had problems with because of You’s mimicking Riko’s movements, when Riko called from Tokyo. After Ruby, Hanamaru and Yoshiko greeted her, the call was cut short due to Chika’s battery running low just as You was about to say something to Riko.

The night of the Love Live! qualifiers and Riko’s piano competition, everyone wore the matching scrunchies Riko had sent as bracelets. Riko played her piece at the competition, and the remaining eight Aqours members performed “Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare” on stage.

12 "It's Time to Fly"
(はばたきのとき "Habataki no Toki")
LLSS S1Ep12 025
In episode 12, the members of Aqours were happy and relieved to find out they made it through the regional qualifiers of the Love Live! after a nervous wait. While the video of their performance had gotten a lot of views and comments, the number of applicants for the school’s open house was still zero.

Chika couldn’t help but compare Aqours to μ's, and wondered if the school idols she looked up to weren’t regular people after all. Calling the other Aqours members, she suggested they’d all go to Tokyo before Riko went back home, and try to figure out what made μ's great.

In Tokyo, Chika had arranged for Aqours to meet up with Saint Snow, who told Chika and the others they didn’t know what made μ's and A-RISE different. To them, what mattered was winning and following in the footsteps of their predecessors. Together, both groups watched the announcement of the Love Live! finals being held at the Akiba Dome on the screen outside the UTX High School building.

At Riko’s suggestion, Aqours visited Otonokizaka High School. They learned that μ's hadn’t left anything from their school idol days at Otonokizaka, saying their hearts would be connected even without those things. Chika and Riko said the visit had brought them closer to the answer of their question.

On the train back to Numazu, the nine of them took a stop to look at the sea. Chika said that they couldn’t compare themselves to μ's, and all of the members started realizing that they had to run freely, stand on their own feet and not chase after someone else in order to become great. They decided that what they were running towards was turning the zero into a one.

13 "Sunshine!!"
(サンシャイン!! "Sanshain!!")
LLSS S1Ep13 226
In episode 13, Aqours were practicing for the Love Live! regionals during the hot days of summer vacation. Meanwhile, the number of applicants for Uranohoshi Girls’ High School was still zero. At the end of the day, Mutsu, Itsuki and Yoshimi showed up to tell Chika that they, along with other people in the school, were also interested in saving the school and had thought about becoming school idols. Chika invited them to sing with Aqours at the Love Live!.

The nine members of Aqours met up with Mutsu, Itsuki and Yoshimi, who brought with them an abundance of other Uranohoshi Girls’ High School students. However, everyone’s excitement was restrained when Riko announced that the rules said only the people who had applied initially would be allowed on stage. In the end, although only Aqours would be on stage, all the other girls decided to cheer them on from the audience.

Before their performance, the school idol club members reflected on their time together. Ruby and Hanamaru were embraced by Yoshiko, while Mari, Kanan and Dia thanked each other for getting this far, and Chika told You and Riko she wanted to enjoy everything the future had in store together. Proclaiming there weren’t just nine of them, Chika opened the door to the stage.

Prior to performing their song, Aqours introduced themselves by telling the audience their story and their goal. When they counted to nine, part of the audience yelled “ten”, pronouncing their being the tenth member of the group.

Halfway through the performance of “MIRAI TICKET”, Chika called out for everyone to shine together with them. The Aqours supporters of the audience ran down to stand next to the stage, creating a circle of blue light sticks around it. Meanwhile, the number of applicants for the school flipped from zero to one.



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