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Kanda Shrine
Kanda Shrine
Kanji 神田明神
Romaji Kanda Myoujin
Type Shrine
Location Japan

Kanda Shrine (神田明神 Kanda Myoujin) is a Japanese shrine located in Japan. This is the shrine where the idol group μ's trains.


Kanda Shrine is a shrine located in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. It is portrayed in the anime as the shrine where Toujou Nozomi helps out as a shrine maiden. During the busy new year period in Season 2 Episode 10, Ayase Eli and Yazawa Nico also helped out as shrine maidens.

The steep steps leading up to the side entrance of the shrine are used by the members of μ's for physical training by running up and down repetitively. The members of μ's are also shown to pray here for good fortune whenever an important live is upcoming.


  • The shrine grounds in the anime have been shown to closely mimic its real-life counterpart. Due to this, the shrine is a well-known Love Live! pilgrimage spot.
    • In a case of the anime adaptation paying respects to real life, the wooden wishing boards (ema) which inspire Honoka in Season 2 Episode 10 are an actual trend that Love Live! fans have kept up for a long time.
    • The shrine has since capitalized on the Love Live! fans, selling emas with Nozomi printed on the back as well as protective charms with the members of μ's printed on them. Kanda Matsuri, one of the three biggest annual festivals in Tokyo, held a Love Live! collaboration in 2015 with limited-edition goods and a guest appearance by Kusuda Aina.
  • The shrine was featured in the Love Live! Fan Disc, with Nitta Emi, Uchida Aya and Pile introducing the area.
    • It was once again featured in the NHK Love Live! μ's Special Live Broadcast, with Nitta Emi making a prayer as well as reading out the emas there.



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