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"I Want to Shine!!"
Season 01, Episode 01
LLSS S1Ep1 061
Air Date
July 2, 2016
Theme Songs
Opening Theme
Aozora Jumping Heart
Ending Theme
Insert Songs
Kimeta yo Hand in Hand
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Catch the Transfer Student!
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I Want to Shine!! (輝きたい!! Kagayakitai!!) is the first episode of the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime series. It was aired on July 2, 2016.


Having been inspired by the school idol group μ's, Chika Takami, a second-year student at Uranohoshi Girls' High School, tries to start her own School Idol Club. As Chika and her friend, You Watanabe, try to recruit members, she faces resistance from the student council president, Dia Kurosawa, who states she will not approve such a club.

Later that day, Chika comes across a girl from Tokyo, and explains to her how she became inspired by μ's, who showed her how normal people could shine. Inspired by her story, the girl introduces herself as Riko Sakurauchi, a transfer student from Otonokizaka High School, the same school μ's attended.

After You decides to become the first new member of the School Idol Club, Riko transfers into Chika's class. In high hopes of gaining another member for her club, Chika asks Riko to join, only to have her invitation declined.



Members of Aqours

Debut member(s) in the episode is/are highlighted in bold. The following is the list of members of Aqours by order of admission.

  1. Chika Takami
  2. You Watanabe


Love Live! Sunshine - Start Dash Scene01:02

Love Live! Sunshine - Start Dash Scene

Kimeta yo Hand in Hand01:39

Kimeta yo Hand in Hand

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