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"Happy Halloween"
Season 02, Episode 06
S2Ep05 00399
Happī Harouīn
Air Date
May 11, 2014
Theme Songs
Opening Theme
Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki
Ending Theme
Donna Toki mo Zutto
Insert Songs
Dancing stars on me!
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A New Me
We Have to Do Something!
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Happy Halloween (ハッピーハロウィーン Happī Harowīn) is the sixth episode of the Love Live! School idol project Season 2 anime series. It was aired on May 11, 2014.


Both μ's and A-RISE are invited to appear in a Halloween event in Akihabara, with μ's hoping to make a big impact to gain support for the Love Live! preliminaries. Thinking they need a new look to provide that impact, the group tries various methods to accomplish, such as changing their outfits, impersonating each other, and even trying out a rock look, but nothing seems to work out. On the day of their performance, Honoka realizes they don't need to change themselves, as they already have quite varied members themselves, and they perform together with their natural abilities. Meanwhile, Yukiho comes across a shocking letter whilst rummaging through Honoka's room.



Members of μ's

  1. Honoka Kosaka
  2. Eli Ayase
  3. Kotori Minami
  4. Umi Sonoda
  5. Rin Hoshizora
  6. Maki Nishikino
  7. Hanayo Koizumi
  8. Nozomi Tojo
  9. Nico Yazawa


Dancing stars on me!

Dancing stars on me!