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HAKODATE is the eighth episode of the Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 anime series. It was aired on November 25, 2017.


The girls are invited to Hakodate to attend the Hokkaido Love Live regionals, where Saint Snow are competing. However, Saint Snow end up making a mistake in their performance and fail to qualify for the finals. The next day, the girls tour come across a restaurant where Leah and Sarah work, with Leah stating she no longer wants to be a school idol. Noticing that Leah had been crying, Ruby identifies with her fears that they will no longer be able to perform with their respective older sisters. After speaking with Dia, Ruby goes to see Leah and proposes that they make a song dedicated to Dia and Sarah together.



  • Ending Credits Character Appearance: Ruby & Dia Kurosawa
  • The black-haired girl from 4:23 possesses a hairstyle resembling Nico Yazawa's initial hairstyle design. 
  • The burger that Hanamaru ate was based on a real life Foot-Long Burger created by the Lucky Pierrot restaurant.
  • It is revealed that Saint Snow had its first lost in Hakodate.

Errors & Goofs

  • Animation Errors:
    • In 00:52, Yoshiko's right hand has 6 fingers.
    • In 04:33 - 04:41, Mari's winter coat is colored brown instead of her usual white color.