Season I

  1. Come True! Our Dreams!
  2. Let's Start Becoming Idols!
  3. First Live
  4. MakiRinPana
  5. Nico Attacks
  6. Who'll Be the Center?
  7. Elichika
  8. What I Want To Do Is...
  9. Wonder Zone
  10. No Upperclassmen Allowed!
  11. The Greatest Live Performance
  12. Friends
  13. μ's Music Start!


  1. Love Live! School idol project OVA

Season II

  1. Love Live! Once Again
  2. Aim for Victory
  3. The Door to Our Dreams
  4. No. 1 Idol in the Universe
  5. A New Me
  6. Happy Halloween
  7. We Have to Do Something!
  8. My Wish
  9. Melody of the Heart
  10. µ's
  11. That Which We Decided
  12. Last Live
  13. Come True! Everyone's Dream


  1. Love Live! The School Idol Movie


  1. Kousaka Honoka
  2. Ayase Eli
  3. Minami Kotori
  4. Sonoda Umi
  5. Hoshizora Rin
  6. Nishikino Maki
  7. Toujou Nozomi
  8. Koizumi Hanayo
  9. Yazawa Nico

Voice Actresses

  1. Nitta Emi
  2. Nanjou Yoshino
  3. Uchida Aya
  4. Mimori Suzuko
  5. Iida Riho
  6. Pile
  7. Kusuda Aina
  8. Kubo Yurika
  9. Tokui Sora

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